Thursday, February 16

Naked fat guy with a bow and arrow

Here is what I wore on Valentine's.

The other half and I don't really observe Hallmark Appreciation Day and that's why it was a real surprise to return from my lunch break outfit shoot to find a secret admirer with my husband's handwriting had left a rose for me at work. It turned me from my usual unromantic self into a right sappy sap for the rest of the day.

Now, this dress..
When I first came across it on etsy I instantly favourited it because of the amazing embroidery but I had this sinking feeling that it would be quite baggy on me. "Easily altered for sure" I thought to myself brooding over the listing time and again. But you all know my prowess as a seamstress is nothing to write home about, so with some heartache I eventually removed it from my favourites.

A few days later I saw Michal sporting a similar dress and was so smitten I only went and searched etsy for embroidered dresses again. Well, I bet you can guess the first search result. Needless to say this Pretty went right back into my ♥  and soon enough it ended up in my basket.

I concluded that if it really did make me look like a potato sack I'd just have to use this opportunity to learn how to take in a dress. Luckily my seam ripper won't go anywhere near my blue wonder. It's clearly home made and the work is so lovely I'd loathe to add my own clumsy stitching.

Are vintage purchases an emotional roller coaster for you too?

As for my scalloped nails, I followed Jill's tut found via Elycia's blog. I am definitely going to give it a go in lots more colour combinations :D

Somehow every day this week so far has felt like a Friday so I am pleased it's nearly time for the real one :D Whatever weekday it feels like, hope you have an extraordinary one!

beret: eBay
cardi: Asda
coffee cup ring: DIY
button earrings: DIY
dress: BlytheHopesVintage on etsy
tights: welovecolors
brogues: office


  1. Shades_of_MonetFebruary 16, 2012

    Oh!  I am swooning a million times over this dress and your whole outfit.  Goodness, if I would have seen that dress, I surely would have snatched it up too.  I am always drawn to the candy-colored palette you, just too perfect for words to even keep babbling on about it.   

  2. Wow stef!!!! Beautiful dress and cardigan...

    Kisses rose jp

  3. Holly NicholsFebruary 16, 2012

    i think that is the prettiest outfit i've ever seen!  potato sack?  no way!  you look absolutely adorable!  and i just love blythehopesvintage shop!

  4. The dress is pretty much perfect on you. I've never really thought much of embroidered dresses but this one is really lovely.

  5. You look darling! Baby blue is just the best color on you & I love the collar on the dress too. And paired with the sage green cardi - why it's just perfection. Thanks for linking to Michal's blog. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs & Michal seems like my kind of gal.

  6. oh my goodness, im so glad i found your lovely blog thanks to ebew. i adore your fab style and only wish i could do my nails as well as you! this dress is just all kinds of pretty! the collar, the colour, the stitching..too good! now following your fab blog with blog lovin'. cant wait to read more :)