Sunday, February 12

More snow

If you're wondering how to do zig zag nails, check out Kaylah's tutorial. Just remember to cut those tape strips thin enough to fit your nails. But if you end up with too wide ones, don't worry, that's how you do nails just like mine ;)

After a number of grey days and disappointingly flat outfit shots the sun finally made a glorious appearance.

It felt like a millennium went by as I waited for lunch to roll around, but eventually it was time to lock my computer and head across the road for outfit photos :)

I accidentally shot my blog right between the eyes on Friday evening (I panicked when my post element disappeared and reset my template). I've been spending some time fighting it out with my layout since. I do this in short bursts only. Once upon a time I considered going into programming but I swiftly found that not only am I the queen of the endless loop, but even the most menial of coding turns me very swiftly into an ill tempered monster. Stef SMASH!

I had added a number of extra variables to my standard template (I use blogger's Simple) way back when. This allowed me to configure most anything via Template Designer > Advanced rather than messing with my template directly. It was most awesome and I miss that. Why Blogger added a neat tool such as Template Designer but scrimped on the menu options available I'll never understand. I guess I should just get over myself and invest in a ready customized template. You guys got any tips on that?

Anyway, If you're thinking of having a play with your Blogger template, I'd recommend this method. The link is specific to adding a background colour to your sidebar, but you can use the same method to add any old variable you please and you only need to edit the code once. Future changes can be made via Template Designer.

Just don't be a Stef and make sure you keep a copy of the finished product..

beret: eBay
button earrings: DIY
blouse: Hi (debenhams)
dala horse brooch & skirt: etsy
jacket: tulle (modcloth)
tights: welovecolors
gloves: primark
boots: present (legero)


  1. Nice outfit and those nails are terrific! Would you like to share with the us how you do them?
    And of course, as a Swede I love your Dalahäst brooch! Best, Anna at Four Seasons One Wardrobe

  2. Thanks :)
    I followed Kaylah's instructions over here but apart from on my thumbs I only cut the sellotape with pinking shears on one side and only added an extra layer of polish on the pinked side :)

  3. Such a pretty outfit! I love the color combination. Sorry to hear about all the craziness with the blog layout. It's looking good though. :D

  4.  your nails are so fly, you oughta open up a nail salon. seriously, so impressed. I can hardly paint my nails a solid color and have em' come out halfway decent. and your outfit is so charming and visually pleasing against the snow. sorry to hear about your little technological blunder. what a drag. hopefully, you can get things figured out soon. Lord knows, I'd be lost forever.