Thursday, February 2

Low flying shower curtains

Well, my hair has turned into a surefire way to date my outfit photos. I wore this back in October when foam rollers were my friends and it was still pretty warm outside.

While drafting this post our shower curtain came down like a roll of thunder.. again. Cheese on a stick this place is falling apart! I am seriously considering gluing the rail to the wall. So much for my DIY skills. Thinking of glue I am currently waiting for a bunch of knickknacks glued to adjustable ring bases to dry. I am looking forward to sharing those with you guys :)

Above are a couple of gadgety phone photos: My coin purse from Blue Q and my gadgety phone case from Tinder & Bloom featuring The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

I took today off work for my appointment at the tattoo parlour and to shop around for a car.
Hope you have a good one too!

cardi: primark
brooch: decoylab/etsy
blouse: present (tulle via modcloth)
skirt: anabelfuzz/etsy
pale yellow tights
brogues: office


  1. I loved the blouse and skirt Cadigan your clothesare beautiful ...kisses rose jp

  2. Rebecca KummerfeldFebruary 02, 2012

    Duct tape!!! :)

  3. I bow before your superior DIY free thinking :)