Monday, February 20

District 13

If you enjoy fast paced action in general and parkour in particular you should definitely watch Luc Besson's District 13 & sequel District 13: Ultimatum

Both movies are set in a Paris ghetto of the not so distant future. Walled off and overrun with violence, drugs and of course organized crime, Banlieue 13 is home to Leito (played by David Belle, founder of parkour), who takes on a local drug lord in a bid to keep his home turf clean. He finds himself teamed with an undercover cop played by Cyril Raffaelli, who's stunts and fight choreography you'll have seen in many a movie.

Awesome parkour it's hard to believe didn't involve wires or computer generated effects, great fight sequences and cinematography, baddies who make rational enough decisions and to top it all off: No cheese. Everything you could ever hope for in an action packed movie.

So screw dubbing, suck up the subtitles (that is, unless you speak French) and watch it already - You're in for a treat :)

beret & belt: eBay
coat: primark
blouse: All-Mighty
cardi: h&m
skirt: waterlooplein market (altered)
boots: corral


  1. Matilda JoyceFebruary 20, 2012


  2. I know I say this every time but your eye for mixing color is sublime. 

  3. How amazing. I really love this outfit and the vibrancy.