Thursday, February 23


Up until the middle of last year I didn't wear nail polish at all but now I view my collection rather like crayons: I wouldn't want to make do with just a couple of colours.

So since I am now officially a nail polish fiend I thought I'd share how I store mine:
In a metal box with lots of bananas on it.
And because I don't like searching for my favourite shade of blue, I put a little drop of polish on each lid, so I always know where the one I am looking for is hiding.

Are you a fellow collector, how do you store your nail polish?


  1. Wow, I always admire your nails, I assumed you were a seasoned pro! I had my polishes displayed on our bedroom mantlepiece but my boyfriend was complaining, he has a weird thing about my cosmetics being everywhere!

  2. fashionforgiantsFebruary 24, 2012

    Putting the dot of color on the top of each bottle is brilliant.  I never wear polish on my fingernails, and on my toes, I basically just pick one color for summer and wear it over and over. 

  3. I keep mine in the fridge, because someone told me that they go on and also last better that way. Not sure yet if it's made a difference, but it hasn't been long. I only have about 8 colours, though. It's interesting to me that at least a good portion of your collection seems to be the same make; what make is it? (I assume you recommend them!).

  4. They had a half price sale on at models own just as I decided I wanted a lot more colours. They do have quite a range of shades. I rather like them, especially as the stuff I used before was terrible (boots 17) :)