Saturday, February 4

A damn fine cup..

Since I've been getting into wearing finger rings recently I thought I might as well get a few adjustable ring bases from eBay and make some myself. Here is the first batch :)

When Austria switched to the Euro I kept a few old Schilling coins. I'd planned to make them into pendants but never got around to it so I figured a ring is just as nice :)

My doll house miniatures often double as pendants but when I came across this ring on etsy I knew I wanted to make one like it. Of course the beverage just had to be coffee. Black, no sugar.

Here is how you can make your own:
You'll need miniature crockery and a ring base of course, super glue, PVA glue or clear lacquer and chalk pastels in the colour of the beverage of your choice.

Scrape a little bit of the chalk pastel into a fine powder using a knife. Add PVA glue or clear lacquer and mix into a smooth paste.

Pick up some of the paste with the knife and let it drip from the edge into the cup.

Once it dries it is probably going to take on a concave shape (if you know of a magic lacquer that doesn't, please share your secret). Repeat the process once or twice to get an even layer of "coffee".
Once everything is dry, use the super glue to attach the saucer to the ring base and Bob's your uncle.

Happy weekend!

PS: My new tattoo is everything I hoped for and is healing well and as of today we are motorised once more!


  1. Oh, I love the cup and saucer on a ring!  I'm going to track down a charm like this...

  2. oranges_and_applesFebruary 05, 2012

    Aaaah, that's so cute! I don't wear my rings enough.

  3. hi stef,,,beautiful, i love crafts too.
    kisses rose jp

  4. Ive been silently lurking for a while, and also slacking horribly on reading/commenting/blogging but I came out of the shadows because I am so wowed by this post and diy. I recently began wandering through the 'miniatures' aisle of the craft store with similar ideas... tiny things are the cutest.  Also, big props for the ingenuity of adding liquid to the tea/coffee cup.  impressive, my friend.  

  5. Ah, this is brilliant! And actually quite simple but I'd never thought to do this. Thank-you!
    -Andi x

  6. You know me, I am the worst comment slacker of them all :P
    I haven't found a brick and mortar store that does miniatures yet (or at least not any that don't cost an arm and a leg) but I do enjoy the odd eBay search. I'd like to make my own using polymer clay but I've found I lack the patience.. I keep mashing all the colours into each other like a three year old with a plastecine grudge.. :)