Friday, January 6

Still Angry

Finishing a good read is always a bit of a downer. Like a child negotiating fiercly for five more minutes I invariably slow my pace towards the end in an attempt to make the story last just a little bit longer. Spend just a little more time inside the pages.
I finished the final instalment of Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs trilogy yesterday and I am still sore there isn't a fourth.

We all get our dreams stamped on from time to time, right? And if it didn’t hurt, what kind of second-rate dreams would they be?
from Woken Furies
I like my heroes with a twist and Takeshi Kovacs, the main man in Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies, is right up there with the likes of Cheradenine Zakalwe, Tyler Durden and Thomas Covenant if you ask me.

The human eye is a wonderful device. With a little effort, it can fail to see even the most glaring injustice.
from Altered Carbon

Cyberpunk meets hard-boiled noir in Richard Morgan’s Kovacs trilogy set in a future where the human race has spread to distant worlds and you can practically live forever (provided you can afford a new body when your old one meets it's end).

No matter what flesh he finds himself in, Tak is a pro with an eye for details and sociopath tendencies. A honed killer who takes pleasure in doling out “real death” when things get personal. Think ex-special ops/mercenary/detective/revolutionary.

A preoccupation with the next world pretty clearly signals an inability to cope credibly with this one
from Broken Angels

I enjoy a fast paced, action packed story (where having to put your read down to eat or sleep feels like a major belly churning inconvenience). There is also a fair bit of intelligently administered brutal violence on offer. But Quellcrist Falconer, the fictional author of the quotes spattered across this post was just as captivating.

Some of my best reading experiences have been books I knew nothing about when I started. No fan of spoilers me. I rarely even read the backs, so I’ll leave off going into further detail so I don't give the game away.

Happy weekend!

hat & ring: present
earrings: came with my cat skirt from vamos! :)
camera ring: the dainty squid (etsy)
dress: etsy
belt: h&m
royal blue tights: welovecolors
brogues: office


  1. fashionforgiantsJanuary 06, 2012

    Angry or not, you look gorgeous.  I love the color in this outfit.  And I'm definitely going to look for these books.  They sound fabulous.

    I get the same way at the end of books.  I never want them to end.

  2. Ah, these books sound like something my DH would enjoy as he is a Durden and Covenant fan.  I like your color combination in this look.

  3. I love the outfit you're wearing!