Sunday, January 15

Let it begin..

Here's some ancient outfit history - I wore this all the way back in early November 2011 but it feels pretty current because I am sitting here in the same t-shirt and cardi as I write this.

I can't wait to get shot of my Christmas paunch. Wearing only my loose fitting clothes is getting boring but as soon as I don't want to stretch my tighter garments, most of my wardrobe is out of  bounds right now. It's a January tradition of sorts for me. Harrumph

The days are getting longer and I couldn't be more excited :) I've still got about a month's worth of outfits stashed away but as soon as they're all posted the time lag between outfit and post is going to get a lot shorter again.

Of late, I've been crazy into The Drums, Jasmine tea, seaweed and all things wasabi. That and I am incessantly playing with my new smart phone :) More of that little device another day..

Happy weekend :D

hat & cardi: primark
jacket: zara via timeenoughfordrums
t-shirt: glasto
skirt: anabelfuzz (etsy)
boots: legero (present)


  1. the dainty squidJanuary 15, 2012

    I normally don't comment despite the fact I read every day (sorry!!) but I couldn't not comment on this. These photos are SO BEAUTIFUL, especially the one of you looking out at the water!! :D

  2. oh my God:!!!!beautiful, beautiful photos....a dream...I loved, loved your outfit lovethe colors kisses rose jp

  3. oranges_and_applesJanuary 15, 2012

    I am only posting my Christmas outfit tomorrow, so you make me foor better. love the colours here!

  4. Aw, lovely outfit! Reminds me of autumn.. good times! I know what you mean about the January clothes problem. Urgh :(

  5. the clarity of your photos is gorgeous. what kind of camera/lens do you have?
    i adore that second image of you... i'm actually going to reblog it on tumblr! i'll link you. <3

    have a great sunday!

  6. I have the same January problem!  I like the backpack and the reminder of the fall.

  7. Thanks :)
    I use a Canon EOS 500D and switch between a 35mm and 50mm fixed length and an 18-55mm zoom. I find using a remote control really improves the accuracy of the auto focus, especially when you use a small depth of field (you're in focus, everything else blurry). Using a self-timer it's much harder to get a sweet spot :)

  8. such a cute and perfect outfit.
    wasabi peas!

  9. Menina rosaJanuary 18, 2012

    A saia é linda!!! :D

  10. These colors are perfect on you. You tend to wear more blues, greens, and pastel shades but these are incredible!!! You look amazing!!! I love this! Why didn't you post this before??