Friday, January 13


These were taken on an October lunch break.
I put my glasses down while taking a picture against the light and by the time I returned to review the shot I'd forgotten all about them. CRUNCH! underfoot and bye bye specs. Sellotape was my accessory of choice that afternoon. Thankfully I had a spare pair at home so I got to take my time over finding the perfect replacement :D

I have quite a history when it comes to the destruction of glasses. See, I am the dictionary definition of clumsy (I knocked myself out with a paper towel dispenser once, it's a knack). Since I started wearing glasses some 27 years ago, various pairs of specs have met their end on my face, under my bum and feet. Imagine my parents' sigh of relief when those bendy frames came out even a medicine ball in the face could not harm. (WhoooshTHUD! The reserve bench was my special place during Phys Ed).

One pair met it's untimely demise slipping right off my nose and falling from a first floor window whe I leant out to wave to my best friend. You gotta tighten them little screws, kids.. He distracted me from the distorted, blurry world I was stuck in that day by taking me on a date. The friend in question is now my husband so that all worked out pretty good. We got two wonky eyes between us :D

As for my most recent spectacle destruction: I got two replacement pairs online. The only difficulty was conning my optician into relinquishing my PD measurement. That's the distance between your pupils and you wouldn't believe how protective opticians are of this info. The measurement isn't included in your sight test, it is only taken when you buy new frames. So if you ask for it they know you're taking your custom elsewhere and it is common policy for opticians to behave like angry toddlers on such occasions. After being refused the measurement by a snooty bossy boots I refrained from turning into the Hulk my very own self and instead returned to the store lateron to find a trainee behind the counter. I felt a little guilty taking advantage of the only helpful employee in store but the company (Specsavers on this occasion, but sadly most opticians will refuse this info) they sure as hell have lost my custom for good.

coat: primark
cardi: present (lana moden)
bubble beret: softspoken (etsy)
snood: DIY
earrings: present
bracelet: market stall
blouse: modcloth
curdoroy skirt: next via eBay
mocca tights: welovecolors
shoes: office


  1. RoselinakamineJanuary 13, 2012

    Hi!!! I loved your look
    Kisses rose jp

  2. that's so horrible about stepping on your glasses!! oh no! You always look wonderful.

  3. oh man thats a bummer.  I had a similar problem arise with my doc when I needed to order more contacts.  They said that since it had been a year since my last visit that I would need another eye exam which would cost an additional 100 dollars.  I only wear my contacts occasionally and my eyesight was perfect with them so i saw no need for another exam but they wouldn't give me my prescription (hello its my prescription so just give it to me!) SO moral of the story is I started buying contacts from Canada.  Whew, I'm glad I got that off my chest.

  4. Thanks for the info on the "proprietary" optometrists info.  I've considered ordering elsewhere and received similar stone-walling.  The detail on the back of the sweater is beautiful.

  5. that just might be THE cutest scarf I have ever seen.

  6. I know what you mean about the clumsiness. I break everything. Which is one of the reasons why I've got nice thick glasses frames - hard to break