Thursday, January 19

Carbon Dioxide

The post I drafted and scheduled yesterday has disappeared from my dashboard and I can't face rewriting it right now. Words don't exactly come easy to me so I feel the loss keenly. (In other words: It's my pity party and I'll cry if I want to)

Instead of my ramblings, here is a double outfit shoot with Vicky I'd squirrelled away :)

Mind you, there is one quick story I just have to share:
Strange smells have been reported by some of my colleagues, so facilities have been searching for a gas leak in my work area for over a week now.
I am crazy about Mama clear rice noodle soup and it's been a working brunch staple for me recently. It was only today, as the Carbon Dioxide Sensors were beeping all around me while I scooped up a noodle, that I put two and two together and realized the "gas leak" is really my soup. :D
I dare you to top my crazy story. I dare you! ;)

Back up your blogs regularly guys - and have a most awesome Thursday!


  1. you two girls are amazing and always look great wearing your clothes together too! How terrible that this post had disappeared on you for a while. 

  2. Amazing pics and contrasts.  I love Vicky's jacket.  And the story of the soup is downright funny.

  3. fashionforgiantsJanuary 20, 2012

    That is the best story I have heard in a long well.  Hilarious.  And I love these photos - gorgeous outfits and gorgeous women.

  4. You have the absolutely cutest style! Everything looks like it should be in a magazine spread

  5. Lucy FlorenceJanuary 20, 2012

    Ha that is a hilarious story about your soup!  Same thing happened to me on the plane a couple of months ago...I had this tea tree oil body lotion which exploded all over the place in my purse, and as I was cleaning it up the stewardess kept coming by and sniffing in my general area.  Then she brought another stewardess around and they both started sniffing and talking about how they should report the strong menthol smell to the captain in case it was a chemical leak.  Eventually I had to get up and tell them it was just my lotion, haha!