Wednesday, January 11

Ancient Aliens

I came across the South Park parody before I gaped slack jawed at the original.
It's a tragedy I don't booze because this History Channel gem would make for a brilliant drinking game. It would appear Occam has lost his razor and proudly twirls his stately beard. It's grown so bushy aliens nest in it. If you were to believe Londo Mollari's stunt double the sky is blue because of.. aliens. I bet aliens fathered Einstein and invented the ice cream sundae.
If in doubt: Aliens.

The husband and I are rather taken with yelling "aliens!" a split second before one of the "ancient astronaut theorists" invariably reaches the same conclusion. I have to warn you: If you really listen to what passes for reasoning in this laughable series you'll give your "recent bullshit analyst" self a raging ulcer.

However, if you like a drink or fifty I can't recommend it enough. In the unlikely event you don't forfeit before the end of the episode you'll most likely wake up in a hospital bed having had your stomach pumped. And you know why that is, don't you? ALIENS!

Could it be a coincidence that a well known and intimidating organisation that passes for a church some places but is officially recognised as a malignant cult in others advertises on the same channel? Call me a conspiracy nut, but personally I really don't think so. So much for Xenu's ancient exploits.

I remember when Project Chanology went down I discovered a deep felt respect for the 1337 pubescent ass burgers who populate 4chan. I used to pass a Scientology centre on a daily basis. Complimentary theton measurements were offered to me every time I looked just a little sullen.

If there is one thing I believe in it is the freedom to believe whatever the heck you like or for that matter, not to believe. What disgusts me about this cult is not the concept of an alien overlord who will take home his chosen people and leave behind the rest of us subhumans, but the coercive scare tactics, policy of disconnection and overt preying on vulnerable people. That an organisation with a track record such as this is classed a church and exempt from tax in many countries really gets my goat.

Of course, while I am writing this, I wonder whether I have already said too much. My stomach churns as I worry if a light hearted post like this will suffice to mark me a "suppressive person" and render me a target for attack. And doesn't that just say it all?

I guess the only wisdom I have to offer is: Always check your sources. Don't ever just take some imbecile's word for it simply because he got his mug in the media. Oh, and drink responsibly.
And if you're still in doubt: Aliens. ;)

hat & coat: primark
snood: DIY
jumper: very
dress: charity shop
fleece tights
brogues: office


  1. You look lovely, I like your sweater!

  2. LavilleinconnueJanuary 11, 2012

    This post really made me laugh, I love the South Park 'History Channel' episode. I love your outfit too, especially those shoes!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. This outfit is so cozy cute! Makes me want a warm sweater and hot chocolate :)

  4. haha. too true, too true.  this outfit is adorable- loooove your coat!

  5. Loving the layering with the sweater over the dresses! 

  6. Your sweater (ahem jumper) is amazing! Love the whole outfit and that you add humor to your posts. Will be back!

  7. Your sweater is very cute, and I like it paired with the full skirt and all of those pretty colors.

  8. DH is already on their radar.  They called here one day looking for his former wife circa 1985.  They keep good records, subversive.  ;)

  9. Your little sweater w/ that skirt & colored tights is so adorable but so comfy-looking too- love it! I'm not sure what a "snood" is but if you made that cowl/scarf I am super impressed! i also don't get why sweaters are called jumpers... they only cover our top part that doesnt really move when we jump... oh well, glad i finally figured out "jumpers" means sweaters. ok anyway, I dont know much about that church but def dislike this scare tactics stuff & other things I've heard. Never heard of this show but it sounds like a hoot! Hope your week is going well : )

  10. oooh wait ok so it's a south park spoof on the history channel hehe ok makes sense! I'll have to check this out : )

  11. the littlest pollyJanuary 15, 2012

    these photos are so pretty! :D your lens is amazing!

    love, polly