Saturday, December 10

What a dump

We get lots of natural light at my office. You know I am a desk jockey, right? For a break from the flicker of my mahusive computer screen I get to look out great big windows overlooking a busy road and a recycling centre.

Judging by that description I bet you didn't expect something this beautiful? The glass is tinted so when storm clouds roll in it looks like a picture book tempest. Sometimes bright white birds swarm above the dump in wild spiralling patterns. I love that dump ;)

I got some war wounds taking that first picture. There was thorny underbrush all over the place and it took a lot of calm, slow thorn removal to keep my clothes free from rips. After the first few scratches I knew I just had to persevere until I at least got one shot out of it. Can't get attacked by the greenery and have nothing to show for it, right? Right.

It's Friday night and I am ready for bed. That is, I guess technically it is the small hours of Saturday morning - the smallest one ;)
Have sweet dreams and an even sweeter weekend!

hat: primark
sweater: asdda
bow brooch: present
dress: knitted dove (modcloth)
fleece tights
boots: corral


  1. sartoriographyDecember 10, 2011

    I say you're not a real blogger without war wounds!  :)  I routinely get stabbed or scratched or just generally glared at which tromping around for photos, and it's quite fun.  

    Love this adorable outfit.  The skirt is so fun, and I adore the tie!

  2. that bow brooch is the cutest thing ever!
    happy saturday! : )

  3. love the skirt from modcloth

  4. Whoa, Stef. I love this outfit. The colors are so perfect together, especially the cream + rust + navy.

    I must say, as far as views of dumps go, that is a nice one :D