Saturday, December 24

So many layers - can't fit arms through sleeves

Ever get shades of foul bachelorette frog? I do. Or in this case: Foul style blogger frog. For a minute there I thought I'd have to change because my arms really weren't going in my coat sleeves but in the end I rammed them home and voila! many colourful layers.

The other half won this Fez as part of a Doctor Who party pack so of course I had to test the old coolness factor

Last Wednesday David and I went to see Death in Vegas at the Junction here in Cambridge. It’s only a small venue so we got to enjoy a case of vibrating rib cage close to the stage. The moment the music started a contented grin spread across my face. Ear to ear.

Actually, I’ve gone on about Death in Vegas here on the blog once before. David introduced me to their music years and years ago and they’ve been a staple on my various CD and more recently MP3 players ever since. Unlike the husband I had never before heard them live though so I was doubly excited that they were coming to Cambridge.

We arrived a little early so we stopped for a game of billiard close by to pass the time. I was pleased as punch that while I potted more balls by fluke than by design quite a few shots worked out exactly as planned.

I've never really stopped at the merchandise table before but this time around a tote bag seemed the way to go :)

And there is that staple of cool again. Tommy Cooper got that one right long before the time lord.

Fez: David's
knitted head band & fingerless gloves: made by my Mom (thanks Mama!)
snood: DIY
hooded cardi: next I think.. in 2001 LOL
denim jacket & underdress peeking out: eBay
coat: primark
dress: etsy
knit band worn as belt: present
socks: Glasto
clogs: Lotta from Stockholm


  1. adorable coat! love that shade!

  2. Red is AMAZING on you!!! Love it!

  3. great color pallet! 

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it - you have a new follower :D

    Cat xxx