Thursday, December 8

Poof-balling on

Well, these were taken quite some time ago back at the start of October. Whether you think of it as a poof-ball a la South Park or a great big pom-pom on the crown of your head: Bobble hats have been my go-to head wear over past couple of months. Cosy and a little childish and totally awesome if you ask me :)

It's such a shame I hardly wear these shoes. I love them to bits but those heels are total killers. Leon the Professional nothing against it. Five minutes in these babies lead to cramp for the following ten. Oh well, at least they look lovely in the pictures even if I changed out of them pretty quick ;)

Have a most glorious day you all! :)

coat, peach bracelet & poof-ball hat: primark
earrings: present
bracelet: vintage fair
dress: h&m
belt: from an other dress
scarf: present (pass me down)
olive tights: welovecolors
shoes: office


  1. That first picture is great! I really love the structure of that jacket.

  2. Jeffery BergDecember 08, 2011

    love all the colors & your nails!

  3. great colors!!!!!! LOVE this outfit so much!

  4. fashionforgiantsDecember 08, 2011

    Those shoes are great - I hate it when great shoes don't feel great.  Love the orange-y coat with the green tights and scarf; such a lovely combo.

  5. The colours are excellent--as are the shoes.  Shame they hurt.  

  6. Hi, I loved the combination...the colors...gorgeous coat
    kisses rose-in japan

  7. The coat, the tights, the shoes..! Absolute perfection :) I'm visiting London between Christmas and new year and you're making me look forward to it even more with all your pretty primark clothes :)

  8. This. Is so. Gorgeous. You look so pretty! I love the dress, and the tights, and the jacket...! Beautiful outfit! :)