Tuesday, December 6

Pepysiana & double plaid

Aren't Vicky's seamed tights brilliant? :)

Another weekend trip with Vicky led us to Magdalene College. Ample opportunity to indulge in my penchant for photos in archways. ;)

I've been wanting to try the oversized-shirt-tied-at-the-front thing for months but I never could get myself to buy a new one just for that purpose. But then the other half stocked up his side of the wardrobe with new plaid and I decided that husband and wife should share everything. No, that came out wrong: Husband should share everything ;)

I am kidding, really I was most civil and asked before taking David's shirt out for a spin. I know, I sound like I expect a medal, don't I?

Have a great day guys! :)


  1. AmberBlueBird83December 06, 2011

    I absolutely love the photo of your shoes in the leaves. Its gorgeous.

  2. I like so much the green look, and the shoes are amazing ^^

  3. Hi, Nice to meet you, I loved your blog
    kisses rose-in japan

  4. goodness, these are amazing photos!