Thursday, December 1

Medically confirmed

Last week I took a day off work to travel to London for our Visa medical. One chest x-ray, a blood letting, some boob squeezing (thank goodness: Female doctor and no lumps) and a questionaire later it was all done with. One down, just the interview left now and it'll all be decided :)

So, this outfit is medical examination chic. Beats hospital gowns, doesn't it? ;D

I don't often buy from topshop. They got such pretty garments but the dresses are soooo short and the sweaters so darn expensive. Mind you, I couldn't have resisted this little boat. No way captain.

Here I am infront of a billboard showing King's Cross just outside the very same. Just next to platform 9 3/4 actually but that was overrun with tourists and the husband was sniggering rudely when I admitted considering that photo op so there. No Pottering today. :P

beret: eBay
sweater: topshop
skirt: vintage
royal blue tights: welovecolors
brogues: office


  1. I love that sweater!  I was pawing at it in Topshop the other day, but guess what... they're even more expensive in Euros. : (

    Very medical chic :D

  2. Rebecca KummerfeldDecember 01, 2011

    That jumper looks vintage! Never would have guessed it was topshop. Yay for health! and Visas!

  3. ok. you are the cutest ever. what an adorable outfit! That sailboat is adorable! it reminds me of a tragically lost sweater I found thrifting once that was cashmere and had a cute little sailboat for only 5 dollars.....I have no idea what happened to it and now you make me feel like dying...

  4. I hope you are alright! That sounds like an awful thing to have done.

    Your outfit is so much fun. It truly reminds me of a classic film outfit. . .now I want to go sailing. I used to do it at camp every summer.

  5. AmberBlueBird83December 01, 2011

    looking cute sailor!  I thought maybe you photoshopped yourself into that last pic.  The billboard makes more sense :)

  6. All good, thanks :) It wasn't so bad. I expected it to be really stressful so I was positively surprised by how straight forward it all was.

  7. too cute!

  8. gorgeous sweater and coat