Sunday, December 4


Here's an outfit from way back in mid October.. Man, that blouse crinkles something awful. I took these after a loooong day of meetings but all it took for dishevelled to set in was the ten minute ride to work.

I love just how pristine this leaf isn't. When I saw it lying on the ground so artfully disintegrating I just had to share ;)

It's getting frosty around these parts at last. "At last" as in: I expected to see my own breath much earlier, not "at last" as in I've been waiting for this with bated (non-steamy) breath ;)
Still, it is real sunny for the time of year and that means a lot to me. I don't mind a bit of cold as long as the sky is blue. Bliss :D

It's funny just how much influence the weather has on my inner equilibrium or lack thereof. Sometimes I wonder if I'd be a different person if I lived in an eternally sunny place. I like to fool myself that that alone would turn me into a positively saintly creature but really I know full well nothing could do that. To be fair I don't think anybody is all good, we all got our dark sides. Still, a little sunshine sure makes it easier to keep a smile on your face when things do go wrong.

Can you believe Christmas is only three weeks away?! I know, I know, there isn't a blogger who hasn't said that over the last couple of days. My office will be shut over the holidays so I am looking forward to the 24th something fierce.

Have a glorious Sunday everybody!

beret: eBay
cardi & bangle: primark
brooch: craftyfolk (etsy)
blouse: all-mighty
skirt: h&m once upon a time
fairy pink tights
clogs: lotta from stockholm


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldDecember 04, 2011

    Well unfortunately my little sunny spot in the world has been grey and miserable all week! It is December, and I am wearing wool and tights!! I have also been in a rotten mood - so maybe your theory does work? And it is the fact that there is o perfectly eternal sunny space to make for perfectly sunny people?

  2. You look beautiful, shirt crinkles and all. I love the shoe/stocking combo. You're lucky to have sunny cool weather. Its sunny here... but also veryyyyy hot

  3. oranges_and_applesDecember 04, 2011

    I've been eyeing up those clogs for a fortnight now. It's a bit ludicrous to buy clogs in mid winter, but I may just do it and walk around in wooly socks and clogs over Christmas. It's shitty sleety weather today. I don't mind too much, more of an excuse to curl up inside!

  4. Great outfit, and love your nails, it's true, that is the somewhat 'perfect' leaf!

  5. I want the Swedish horse, and the clogs!  And to have already finished my Christmas shopping, grrrr.

  6. I loved your clothes