Saturday, December 31

Calendar reminder

Yesterday evening the husband and I watched Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe review of 2011 (BBC I Player | YouTube). I'd forgotten quite how crazy 2011 has been on a global level. That said, I've had quite an interesting year myself.

So, this time around I am joining in the "review of my year" blogging ritual.

We began 2011 in Austria, visiting family and friends as well as rediscovering my eraser collection.

It was a vehicular first quarter. In February my push bike gave up the ghost and I turned pedestrian for a little while

Soon after we bought our first car

and took some trips

Our wheels gave their last on the way home from a glorious June week in a muddy Glastonury field. Can't blame the old car, it wasn't the only one who didn't want to leave :)

And so I was back to paddling.

We found our raffle ticket to the US Green Card lottery was a winner and I went a bit existential on you guys in the frenzy of form filling as we entered round two of the application process.

I had me some dentistry and lived on milkshake and Co-codamol for a week blissed out at the demise of my troublesome wisdom teeth and no bruising to show for it.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a liking for nail polish :)

After stating loudly that I was unlikely to ever get a tattoo I immediately went and got my first tattoo.

Just as the leafs started changing, Bec of Black Swan's Pond and I took on Camden together.

Indian summer felt like a warm hug after the lukewarm summer.
I found out that fellow style blogger Vicky lives just down the street and it is has been great fun teaming up on weekend photo trips.

Christmas was a festival of laziness in our home. I feel relaxed and ready for a new round. ;)
Let's see what 2012 brings :)
Happy new year!


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldJanuary 01, 2012

    Happy New year!! Hope it is a wonderful night... then  wonderful year to follow. We just spent 8 hours playing continuous games of settlers of Catan, interrupted briefly by fireworks! best NYE ever! :)

  2. Kaelah Bee.January 03, 2012

    your tattoo is so darling!

  3. RosaalbertiJanuary 05, 2012

    Tudo tão lindo por aqui! :D
    Amei tudo!
    Feliz 2012 para você, querida!
    Ah!Linkei seu blog no meu, ok?