Thursday, December 22

And a merry midwinter to you

This year the husband and I decided we'd trade Christmas for our very own season of unspecified festivities.

Neither of us could be bothered with decorations this time around. I am so enjoying ridding myself of accumulated ballast I even considered donating our big box of Christmas paraphernalia, but in the end I figured that box was doing just fine in the dark crevice under the stairs. Hoisting it out of there seemed like too large a task and completely at odds with my festive season of laziness.

Unadorned by colourful garlands, flashing lights and glittering stars, this year's celebrations will be given entirely to lounging on the sofa and visits to friends (to lounge on their sofas instead).

I know, I know, I am quite unfestive and my middle name might just be Grinch but I am really enjoying my non specific midwinter par-tey.

Whatever the theme of yours, have a merry holiday season you all :) 

beret: eBay
t-shirt: supermarket (asda)
cardi & kerchief: primark
brooch: craftyfolk (etsy)
skirt: etsy
skyblue tights
brogues: office


  1. Oh cassette tapes, how I loved you back in the day.  I remember my first tape, Kriss Kross.  Good times.  Happy midwinter festivities to you!

  2. fashionforgiantsDecember 22, 2011

    A festive season of laziness?  That's something I could totally get behind!  Merry Midwinter, Stef!

  3. Love the colors in your outfit & thank you for rebelling against christmas colors. I always say that I wish Christmas came every 5 years and then maybe I would appreciate it more.  So instead of saying Happy Holidays I will say Happy Living!