Tuesday, December 20

After the Beep

Hi guys :)
I might be away from the interwebs for a couple of days - completely offlinksy - I'll draw a winner for the giveaway as soon as I am back online but it might not be until the end of the week.

See, I have one of those old-fashioned mobiles: No camera, no Internet, just a tinny ring tone maxed out to ear shattering decibels and still I miss every last call. My handset always slips deep down into the uncharted outer reaches of my bottomless handbag and guess what:  Apparently all my satchels, backpacks and even coat pockets come with complimentary sound proofing. Ear shattering tinny ringtone might as well be the sound of a fish farting at that rate.

My social networking skills are so awe inspiring I am my own most frequent caller: I ring from the house phone while hunting for my lost mobile.

Anyway, I am really tempted with a smart phone right now. I'd like to keep track of comments from afar, maybe even edit a blog post on the fly and while I eventually find my bearings in any city it sure would be quicker to use GPS. So basically, I want an expensive toy pretty please, never mind the phone part.

Phones, they turn me into a penguin. The socially awkward variety. I am not particularly well versed in small talk at the best of times but my awkward phone manner is legendary. I freeze up so bad I can't even remember to ask about the weather.

So basically, if you've ever had the misfortune to find yourself in a phone "conversation" with me, on a wireless so hanging yourself with the cord is not an option, I do apologise. Got any smart phone recommendations?

beret & skirt: eBay
scarf: present
blouse: all-mighty
cardi: h&m
purple tights: primark
boots: sheplers (present)


  1. I kind of like the idea of having a non-smart phone, I'm FAR too addicted to the internet! I have a Nokia and I like it, but if you're into Apps and you want to use Instagram I guess an iPhone is the way to go :)

  2. Preziosa GiudiceDecember 20, 2011

    Great pictures!

  3. Hi!! Beautiful colors, Beautiful , kisses
    rose jp

  4. I've had an HTC Desire S for a while now, and it's absoluty perfect for me: cheap, not too complicated and very customizable :) It doesn't allow you to download loads of apps, but otherwise it does it's job perfectly.
    I'm a huge admirer of your blog by the way! Your pictures and outfits are always so perfect...

  5. I have an old school mobile too with no fancy bells or whistles.  I've thought about upgrading but just like you I hate talking on the phone. I dont know what it is that makes me forget to speak but my brain cant seem to send messages to my mouth when a phone is on my ear.

  6. Ha, we should call each other.  I'm also appalling on the phone (loathe loathe loathe them, inherited from my dad, you always sounds angry on the phone.  I don't know how I survived a long-distance phone based relationship... thank god for skype!

    Anyway, have fun offlinkies... I love your orange scarf and purple nails, and yellow cardigan (can you tell I just taught an English class about colours)?

  7. I have had an iPhone for about half a year now and it is the best phone ever! The only negative is that it is very addictive! I also want to say that I always look forward to see your photos and youroutfits - your blog is like candy for the eyes! Merry Christmas

  8. Rebecca KummerfeldDecember 21, 2011

    I have to say... I loved my old nokia - but the iPhone is pretty amazing :)