Monday, December 12

A rough guide

Check out this brand new (to me) dress. I've been looking for a bit of purple to join the range of colours in my closet and this cheerful pattern had me smitten right away. Oh etsy, you the death of me! I am so excited about all the combinations of different coloured tights, belts and cardis I can pair this dress with.

Eventhough the husband and I keep reminding ourselves that we most likely will be staying in the UK we are also starting to plan our relocation to the US in a little more detail. Just in case.
After all there is a chance we might be getting those visas. Slim as it may be. Although it feels a lot like making detailed plans of how you're going to spend your lottery winnings we know we got to start thinking it through in a little more detail so we can give the guys at the embassy a rough guide to our intentions.

As soon as we're largely severe weather virgins informing ourselves about the sort of more or less regular extreme meteorological phenomena we can expect in any one location is playing a surprisingly large part in our research. I know, I know, talking about the weather again! ;)

That said, we both reckon Austin, Texas sounds like a great destination. :) I have to admit (and yes, this is about the weather once more) short winters and hot summers are really, really desirable to me. Just imagine how different my outfits would look if I had to make do without all this constant layering! Bring on the hot weather wardrobe skills :D Of couse it's not all about the weather - Cross my heart and hope to die. ;)

I've got something exciting in store for you guys on Wednesday :) Don't forget to swing by for my upcoming giveaway. I'll be mean and keep you guessing for now ;)

Have a brilliant start to the week!

beret: eBay
dress & wolf ring: etsy
cardi: h&m
belt: from another dress
pale yellow tights
brogues: office


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldDecember 12, 2011

    Oh this dress is amazing!! I can see this provoking a rainbow of colours in the future! Very exciting!

    Oh good luck with the visas - I have my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I love love love this outfit, the colours are so beautiful! Good luck on the Visas!

  3. RoselinakamineDecember 12, 2011

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your look.
    Kisses rose-in japan

  4. would you look at all that color! you're like a bright ray of sunshine! and candy. love it:)

  5. Love this combo. The shoes are gorgeous. I know it sounds silly but I always forget there is different weather in other places until I travel. Kentucky gets stupid hot in the summer, but still gets plenty of snow in the winter. I've only really lived in one place my whole life. Visa traveling sounds awesome.

  6. this is a gorgeous outfit! Some of my favorite colors :) 

  7. AmberBlueBird83December 12, 2011

    I wish I could put together color combos like you. I actually grew up right near Austin.  The short winters are awesome but those summers can be killer.

  8. your nailpolish and color combining skills are off the hook, very inspirational! And I bet you'll get sick of the warm weather and miss the layering options if you ever get there! :D because you ROCK layering!

  9. My fingers are still crossed for you. For whatever reason, Austin is the only city in Texas I've ever considered visiting. Seems like a good time. The extreme weather scenarios can make choosing a place to live difficult. Oftentimes I think I'd like to leave the Northeast and all the snow, but then I'm not sure I'm up for other weather phenomena. Are there other potential areas/cities on your list?

    The colors in this outfit are brilliant. I'm loving how even the apples in that one photo act almost as an accessory. They play off the hues in your outfit perfectly.