Tuesday, November 22

The Procrastinator

Knee socks. Always love'em on other bloggers. Never sure when I spot my own reflection. I rarely wear them and when I do I often pull'em down half way through the day, more comfy with a crumpled sock than the neatly pulled up effect punctuated by knobbly knees.

When I see knee socks on others I think of a twist on Catholic school girl legs, but there's a soccer player in my mirror.

I've had this brooch for years and years and I haven't worn it since before I started this blog. The closure twisted and broke off one day and it's taken me this long to glue on a replacement. If I were a superhero I'd be the Procrastinator.

Looking through my jewelery box I noticed I'd hardly worn my cameo necklace so I cracked open a bottle of superglue and turned it into a brooch for good. Now I can wear my cameos two up. What with the little bird escaping it's cage I thought I'd add my bird earrings for good measure :) See, in a pinch ear posts can double as brooches too (at least in knitwear).

beret: eBay
scarf: primark
dress: porridge (modcloth)
brooches and earrings worn as brooches: etsy
sweater: asda
denim jacket: eBay
shoes: rachel antonoff for bass


  1. I think you pull off the knee high socks very well actually. And I love all of the brooches. I have a bit of a brooch addiction...

  2. Lovely! Especially the brooch collection. Cameos are so sweet.

  3. AmberBlueBird83November 22, 2011

    your legs look great in knee socks and those shoes...oh those shoes, I just love them.

  4. this is SUCH a cute outfit. i'm with you on the whole knee sock thing...good on you for trying it though! i have yet to. :P i always love the details of your outfits...you put such thought into it!!xx

  5. Rebecca KummerfeldNovember 22, 2011

    Hahaha... ok you totally have to do a procrastinator series - I want the super hero outfit please!

  6. i love this. i can't believe how beautiful you made the earrings!!

  7. I'm also a procrastinator, it often comes with the territory of being a perfectionist. does that describe you?

  8. :) Yep, definitely a perfectionist. I can be quite exasperating like that :D but it's a good thing most the time :)

  9. I'll pick out a costume.. later ;)