Thursday, November 24

Silvergelatine Soul Eater

Photography nerd that I am I guess it's a miracle I didn't treat myself to photography themed jewelery sooner. I am tempted to get lots of different little camera rings and adorn the rest of my fingers with miniature soul stealing equipment too. Heck, I could stack a few on each :D

These earrings used to be hair slides but as soon as I haven't got a whole lot of hair to slide it in I glued these little birds to earposts instead. That way they get a second life rather than languishing unseen in my dusty hair accessories box.

My nose has been buried in the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries for the past week. Give it another couple of days and I'll have to wait for new releases like everybody else.

I love catching up with a fun series that's been going for a while. Sure, it's nice anticipating a new instalment but I'd much rather have a stack of books at my disposal to burn through in one marathon session. It's as pleasant as inhaling a whole box of chocolates but without the sore stomach to follow. Sore eyes maybe, but my reader is much kinder on my vision than physical books.

Washing up? Hoovering? Laundry? Nah! I put my reader down to make tea and I only do that grudgingly. Right, that's enough time writing rather than reading :D Back to yet another book with "Dead" in the title..

hat, bunny bracelets: tesco
camera ring: the dainty squid (etsy)
cardi & bangle: primark
blouse: all-mighty
belt: h&m
skirt: etsy
brogues: office


  1. i'm in love with your style. it is impeccable! 

  2. wow!!simply great style....The check skirt is looks very nice:))) 

  3. AmberBlueBird83November 25, 2011

    that blouse is crazy cute and I absolutely love your pins. I too tend to wait till a series is just about finished up before I start the books. I have the patience of a child on Christmas eve.

  4. Your blouse is just darling!!! 

  5. You're amazing and super cute.

  6. Oooooooh your blouse! It's too cute... I want one too! :)

  7. Hey Stef I love the colours if this outfit and the cute jewellery. I am also very jealous of that skirt!

  8. i love reading series when they are done/far in too. i hate having to wait. i've been reading the souless series by gail carriger and was so pissed to get to the end of the last book and realize i would have to wait for the next one! terrible!

  9. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityNovember 29, 2011

    That hat paired with that sweater is the best thing I've seen on the internetz today. Yep!