Tuesday, November 8

New suede.. gloves

I nearly missed yet another EBEW - but how could I ever forgive myself when the theme is colored tights?! You know I rarely wear any other kind :)

These gloves are my favourites right now. In a class of their cosy own they make me feel like I am a trapper, camping out in the woods, drinking whiskey and chewing tobacco. Fighting bears.

Actually I am casting myself as the baddies in Jean-Jacques Annaud's The Bear.
Think life-action Bambi without words. You can see a few scenes here. It was shown at my primary school when I was little. I sobbed loudly most of the way through the bear cub's 96 minute story and my teacher had a little heart to heart about the difference between reality and fiction with me after the showing ;)

Primary school was full of secret rituals, made up languages and gold stars for me. There was a lot of nerve wrecking study to obtain said gold stars but also afternoons roaming the nearby woods, playing in stables, attics and haylofts. Boys pulling up your skirts, mud sucking at your boots, building dams in inconvenient places, moaning about how I always had to be Franz-Joseph and never got to play the empress Sissi. Riding our bikes back and forth and back and forth along the local streets, making rumbling motor noises and coming to screeching emergency stops. Home at dusk, in bed listening to the big children's laughter echoing through the crisp evening air. Remember the bitter sting of bed time? All the amazing things I grumpily imagined must be happening while I was asleep.

At night I'd dream a small selection of dreams over and over. Red and green and blue and yellow robots chasing me, running on the spot, paralyzed amidst their cheerful yet somehow menacing clockwork toy shapes. Some nights mortality caught up with me, worms and insects invading my body, the earth consuming me. Other nights our home would be turned into a dripstone cave, mighty stalactites growing from our ceilings like a million million knife blades. Another technicolor dream had me watching myself in the mirror ripping mask after mask from my face, desperate to find who was hidden beneath, but only ever uncovering another mask, and another and another. Red ones, green, yellow and blue.

At the time these dreams had me frantic but now I like to remember the colourful picture book imagery . Once the horror is gone there is a distinct beauty to it all :) Maybe I could make a million little toy robots my next craft adventure and populate the doll house with yesteryear's technological torments?

How about you?
Do you have some memorable childhood dreams or nightmares to share?

Well, have a great start to the week and don't let the bedbugs bite ;)

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear

poof-ball hat: tesco
jacket: tulle via time enough for drums
sooo cosy suede gloves: boots
blouse, skirt and brooch: etsy
brogues: office


  1. I've had this one reoccurring really freaky nightmare but it's kind hard to describe. Mostly I hear voices in the dark. Like many mumbling voices all talking over one another at a quiet din. Then suddenly this one woman's voice starts getting louder and louder like she's telling me off in a very stern manner, practically shouting. Then she quiets down again for a bit and it's the group voices, until she starts her persistant loud talking again. It probably doesn't make much sense but it's a really terrible dream! 
    PS Love the collar on your shirt and sweet owl pin. 

  2. You are a living doll in this outfit. Love the pastels, and what a darling collar on your top. I can't believe you live around such beauty. I have such a fondness for weeping willows. I don't remember my childhood dreams, unfortunately. Even now, I hardly remember my dreams & the ones I remember are usually not very good - just stressed out ones where I'm late to work or something. I have always been a daydreamer - I guess so I can exercise control over my thoughts. As a child, I mostly daydreamed about buying a big house for my family. I would have a dance room. My brothers would have a big skate ramp in the backyard. Typical poor girl daydreams, I reckon.  You get a gold star for your outfit today. 

  3. lovely images! I super love your yellow top- the collar is too adorable and it fits you like a glove! and that little owl pin- gets me every time.  I had this one recurring dream where I was in a house that had tons of secret passages, one of which was a big tube slide that spanned three stories and ended up in a ball pit.

  4. AmberBlueBird83November 08, 2011

    you do know how to sport colored tights like no one else :) I am gonna try to broaden my tight collection into more pastel hued colors.  You always mange to look so darn cute in every outfit

  5. OH my goodness. I sooo remember going to bed while I was sure all my friends were out and about playing without me {they were, actually...but I was sure it was more fun than when I'd been out there, too.} Your outfit is to die for, and I just love that gorgeous setting!

  6. i have a recurring dream that i've had since i was a little kid. i probably have it twice a year. in it i'm sitting in a window in a house up on a hill. a big truck pulls up and the driver gets out and builds a fence around it. then he opens the back doors and HUNDREDS of puppies start leaping out, and i know they are all for me! than i wake up, every time. what a dorky dream! haha

  7. oranges_and_applesNovember 09, 2011

    I had a recurring dream, which I still have sometimes in which i could fly. not fly exactly, but if i jump off a high place, and flap my arms enough I could at least not go downwards. I usually use this skill o run away from people, or at least the point at which i wake up is when I glide away from them.

    love the sugary colours!

  8. I don't believe I've ever seen that color of tights before. I love it! You wear them so perfectly!