Wednesday, November 16

Morning Dew and Chocolate Flavour

For a few magic days in October each year the sun comes up just as I make my way to work. This year I got doubly lucky and that window of opportunity coincided with unseasonably warm weather. When usually I'd be wrapped in layers and layers of wool, operating my camera with stiff, blue tinged fingers,.. well see for yourself.

I even dumped those tights later in the day. One and a half days out and about bare legged this year :D

Yesterday was an interesting day. I knew something was up when cotton-wool-wrap drowsiness still enveloped me hours after getting up. When my cherry tea tasted of chocolate I knew I was in for a day of it. The grand finale came with a memory lapse extraordinaire:

Do you ever forget, just for a moment, where and even who you are?
It's the strangest sensation. A blip (prrrrt!)  and I find myself momentarily suspended, no past, no future. But I only become aware of this in retrospect, as squiggly grey shifts back into gear. As the haze clears I become aware suddenly that I've been straining to remember and a heavy weight I had been oblivious to carrying is lifted: Of course! I am me and here is where I am at. D'oh.

It's brain farts of this magnitude that turn me into a bona fide hypochondriac, googling the various causes of senior moments and all types of memory loss.

Dearest brain, you scary.
PS: Keep the chocolate tea coming

hat: tj maxx
dress: etsy
brooch: present
turquoise tights
clogs: h&m hasbeens


  1. AmberBlueBird83November 16, 2011

    what is this chocolate tea you speak of? It sounds delicious.   I have those brain fart moments every now and then too.  It usually occurs after one too many drinks.

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  2. these pics came out GORGEOUS!!! love them! 

  3. fashionforgiantsNovember 17, 2011

    These photos are amazing.  What luck in capturing that light.

  4. That light looks like it came straight from heaven. So gorgeous that you captured it so beautifully.

    I have weird memory lapses like that sometimes when I have a mission to go somewhere and get something, and I arrive and COMPLETELY FORGET WHAT I CAME FOR. So frustrating.

    Maria Elyse
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