Friday, November 4

Liar, Liar

No pants to set on fire.
See this delapidated thingamajigg behind me? That's not yellow and pink, it's yellow and bright red. Photoshop fixed it for me so the world would go with my outfit. Who needs reality anyway?

It was raining in the sunshine while I took these shots, so I snapped a quick one of the fading rainbow :) Can't resist a rainbow - any of the 80s kids remember rainbow brite? I loved care bears and her equally. Even without these childhood connections I am certain I'd still appreciate the transient beauty of rainbows. Give it up for glorious light refraction!

I've been mostly reading and sleeping lately. Ten hours, twelve hours, thirteen hours in bed. One crazy dream chasing the other. It's the funniest thing, you know that light sleep where you feel the touch and texture of your blanket keenly and you lie there listening to branches knock-knock-knocking against the window? So close to fully conscious it takes effort to will yourself to keep your eyes closed. I compile grocery list, plan the day ahead and all the while dream images flicker across my closed eyelids. The workings of the human mind are pretty darn fascinating.

Another Friday, another weekend ahead :) As much sleep as sloth likes and reading until my eyes burn. ;) Have a relaxing one you guys!

earrings: etsy
necklace: jewelery stall
scarf: present (secret santa)
jacket & belt: h&m
brooch: vintage fair
dress: tara starlet
baby blue tights
clogs: office


  1. Ok your photo editing is seriously cool.

  2. This is lovely, your skirt & tights looks great together.
    I actually really love that you altered the colors of the background, I've thought about doing that a couple times, but I don't think of myself as 'artistic enough'.

  3. Your nails are always amazing! What have you been reading?

  4. Love how you show off your nails. Gorgeous dress!

  5. I reread one of my favourite books, American Gods, recently and followed it up with the Graveyard Book by the same author. It's a children's book - sweet and easy. Now I've started on the Sookie Stackhouse series, I really enjoy True Blood so I figured I'd spend my lunch breaks in Bon Temps for a while - I like vampire stories as long as they don't sparkle ;)