Sunday, November 27

F. a zombie

Here is another outfit relic from one golden October :) I am not complaining, it's cool now but still unseasonably warm, we're yet to see our first ground frost!:D

I spent the past week glued to my Kindle reading The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. True Blood is based on the books but having already watched Alan Ball's adaptation doesn't make the books any less enjoyable. The stories are pretty similar at first but over time more and more things work out a little differently for Sook and Co. on screen. Think of it as a parallel universe where the same ground rules apply but sometimes where the Sookie of the novels turns left, the one on TV might just turn right.

In a lot of ways the series is more involved than the books. The books are narrated by Sookie and Sookie alone and we learn very little about the other protagonists' backgrounds. A lot of the characters that are mere sketches in the novels are fully formed on screen, embroiled in various subplots.

That said, there is nothing quite like some short and sweet fang and claw entertainment. I am sure the leading lady would agree herself as soon as she is forever reading mysteries and romances while enjoying that crucial first cup of morning coffee before raunchy moments and tackling her numerous scheming enemies.

The next book is out in May (yes, I totally marked it in my diary) and imdb tells me season 4 was out in the US months ago.. and should reach the UK round about next February.

I think Pam just has to be one of my favourite characters. Best. Swear. Ever.

earrings: present (nomads)
bracelet: market stall
miniature harmonica worn as pendant: present
dress: supayana
crochet tights & clogs: h&m


  1. LavilleinconnueNovember 27, 2011

    I finally got into True Blood years after everyone else, I'm really enjoying it actually (weird, since I usually hate romance and vampire stories), I was wondering if I should read the books! And now I think I will! 
    I love your dress too, and those shoes look so nice with the red tights!
    Also, I love Pam too, I have a secret ambition to be just like her!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Thanks :)
    I am partial to vampire stories in general (sparkling ones excluded) but I can't say I go a bomb on romances (or as my Mom calls 'em:"hot loins novels") in general. Somehow in these books it works though :)

    Foul mouthed, vintage wearing vampires are clearly the best :)

  3. IfigeniainthecityNovember 27, 2011

    really nice putfit and amazing nails.

  4. Dude, you can totally see season 4 online, although you will have to just wait for the book I guess.  My sister's were saying it's really good... I haven't got around to it yet.  Maybe because I'm a wimp and don't want to watch it alone!

  5. Ana Joaquina OliveiraNovember 27, 2011

    Season 4 is very good in terms of secondary characters, all the characters have an opportunity to evolve. You'll love it!!! Thx for the books review. ;)

    Btw, loving your gilded manicure!!!

  6. freakin' love those tights!!! Where do you take your photos?! BEAUTIFUL location.

  7. Thanks :) I am always within cycling distance of the city centre of Cambridge. These photos were taken in a little green area in a business park :D

  8. I love Charlaine Harris books for a fun and easy read! I also like how they are starting to be different than the series, makes this more exciting as a viewer and a reader!

  9. Definitely loving all the differences. I am re-watching the series now because I can't really remember how exactly things went down on screen..