Sunday, November 20


Vicky and I met up for outfit shots one Sunday afternoon and headed for the picturesque backdrop of the Emmanuel College grounds.

And what tangent does my grubby old mind go off on right away? Emmanuelle. In Space. Not that I've seen it but the title always cracks me up.
Okay now, divert your minds from my smut and return to the serene, squeaky-clean, don't-walk-on-the-grass beauty of Emmanuel college.

This skirt usually comes to a bit of an awkward mid-thigh length on me (stubby tree-trunk leg effect) so I cuffed the waist turning it inward and belted it there, then put a belt on the outside just below the hidden inside belt. Sound confusing? Adore Austin's tut will make more sense. It's original purpose is to turn dresses into skirts but it'll serve to shorten long skirts just as well.

I tried my luck with Polaroid film a whopping 11 years out of date but what common sense insisted must be turned out to be true: The emulsion, though not dried up, was useless. Anticipating further double outfit shoots I've ordered a pack of Fuji film to fit my EE100 special camera. I can't wait to use instant film again.

My inner voice greedily kept insisting an instax mini would be the perfect Christmas treat from me to me and after a lengthy internal struggle I caved and a model 55i is en route to me now :)

It's such a breath of fresh air taking photos of Vicky after all those self-portraits I can hardly be bothered with photos of yours truly. Luckily Vicky kept reminding me to hand over the camera and get posing.

Happy Sunday :)

dress, cape and case: vintage
boots: modcloth

blouse & skirt: vintage
belt: from a dress
denim jacket: eBay
bangle: primark
brogues: office


  1. oranges_and_applesNovember 20, 2011

    These photos are gorgeous, such rich colours! You both look great!

  2. goooorgeous, you two are so stylish! you make me want to go rainbow nails again ;D

  3. adklasjdlajsd WHAT IS THIS?!?!? These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS. It looks like the both of you have just popped out of a FAIRY TALEEE. Eeek. Absolute ADORATION. You both have seriously incredible colour palettes mmm!

  4. I also want an instax, but a 210.
    these pictures are so cute, you're like characters from folk tales, she is obviously little red riding hood

  5. Wow, this setting is totally magical! I love that big tree, and both of you look amazing. 

  6. stef- absolutely beautiful. i love these. 

  7. Rebecca KummerfeldNovember 22, 2011

    These photos are amazing!! I'm loving this collaboration!

  8. Oh how very lovely!!!! You both have such great outfits. I adore her cape!