Monday, November 14

A long time comin'

Last summer I noticed a girl sporting pretty vintage dresses and perfect pin curls around the industrial park I work at. Numerous times I cycled past her agonizing over whether to stop, compliment her on her awesome style and ask for her photo but in the end I chickened out every-single-time.

Luckily Vicky isn't awkward like yours truly, so when she spotted me on the way to the corner shop some weeks ago she said hello and we got talking. I'd known from a brief conversation we had on the blog that we both still called the same city home but as we walked to the local shop it dawned on me she must be living pretty close. Turns out we're practically neighbours.

Aren't Vicky's lace up boots just perfect? The petticoat really got me photo crazy too - such pretty pastels and embroidered too!

You know how I always make it look like I am out in the wilderness? Cambridge is no big city and there are many green areas dotted about but the 'countryside effect' on the blog is achieved through tight framing and liberal cropping.

There's a dead give away in the reflection above though :D
See? This little oasis is in the middle of an industrial park.

It's a breath of fresh air to take outfit shots of somebody NOT ME for a change. I get to stay behind the camera and take full control of the framing and focus without all that running back and forth and playing hide the remote. Vicky got quite a few of me too but I am sure I am surprising no one when I tell you I was hogging the camera.

This isn't Vicky's first outfit shoot by the way, she's on a break from blogging right now so until she returns to her own home on the interwebs you might see more of her and her enviable wardrobe around here.

Have a great start to the week you all!

Vintage all the way :)

dress: porridge (modcloth)
sweater: present (pass me down)
brooches: etsy & vintage fair
satchel & beret: eBay
boots: amazon


  1. Vicky has great style! As do you, of course. I especially like your jumper.

  2. oh these photos are great! looks like you had fun together and both your outfits are just great!! I do love her boots, I've been looking for ones just like that!

  3. How cool to meet someone like this in the park! You guys look great! Love Vivky's style, so glad she decided to talk to you! :)

  4. So cool that you guys had a chat and photos, I always want to do that and chicken out too often! I will take heart that someone else does too.
      Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. AmberBlueBird83November 14, 2011

    these photos are incredible.  I wish I had your eye when it came to picture taking (and when it comes to cute outfits). 

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments, I found the boots and bag on Etsy. It was a strange but nice surprise to see our pictures in my blog roll tonight! Looking forward to our next photo safari :-)

  7. Aw how cute. You guys look adorable!

  8. That's lovely, meeting a new friend like that! It's a bit of a coincidence, but I think I once bought a dress from her on Ebay! :D

  9. That's great that you live so near to one another and both love shopping vintage clothing.  I adore her dress!! so pretty!