Monday, October 3


Okay, so the rub on tattoos are not getting old. The Saturday in early September when I took these shots it was quite stormy but while the wind ripped at me it did so with a friendly warmth. Positively cosy. Niiiiiiice.

And because outfits are not enouh, here is some snack love: If you'd like a closer look at the coins click the image for a larger version :) 

I won't be posting pictures from this week for a while yet, but it's been glorious out so I collected a little playlist just right for summer's brief encore :)

hairband: pass me down
rub on tattoos: eBay
dress: tara starlet (altered)
belt: h&m
sky blue tights
clogs: office


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldOctober 03, 2011

    Yay for temporary tats! I got one drawn on at the V&A last friday! They had illustrators there... and little tents - it was all very sweet. I asked for a bird. I got a pigeon.

    I am hoping to finally get around to posting pictures from last weekend tonight! But if the weather is still stunning I may need to just wander in the warmth!

  2. That sounds like fun :)
    The sunshine has been taking precedence over the internet for me too over the past week :D

  3. AmberBlueBird83October 03, 2011

    So you basically have tights in every color imaginable?!?  Super jealous of your tights collection. 

  4. Your outfits are ALWAYS enough, but I do appreciate a little Tutti Frutti action in any form.

  5. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityOctober 04, 2011

    My initial reaction to this post went something like this: "oh wow, look at those coins!" I used to be an avid coin collector when I was younger. Surprisingly, after years of not collecting I've happened upon quite a few random coins this year (that would have sent my pre-teen self through the roof with excitement). Anyway! I like the stuff-self-portraits you've been sharing lately.

    The print on your dress is nice. Looks like pussy willows?