Monday, October 17

It's the little voices

I went out to take these photos early in the day one September Sunday (lunchtime is practically the small hours on a weekend). After reviewing these images I decided while I usually like adding a little extra length and breaking up colours with a white underskirt, when it comes to this particular dress the effect was distinctly "blergh". Yes, that is the technical term.

I ditched the skirt before going out to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (excellent) with the husband and his Mom. We followed it up with some pasta and the most indulgent trifle ever. That thing was insane. Now that it's getting too cool for peep toe-cycling I am making much more use of my saddle shoes. At long last. They were languishing in their original box for way too long. I had a severe case of reverent non-usage.

When indulging or being indulged with items out of my usual cost comfort-zone I have a tendency to "keep it safe". I treat it like it's made out of sugar and will immediately disintegrate if I dare wear it. Well, I don't think these will make like the wicked witch. No disintegration in sight. Look, no skirt! Much better :)
My mother-in-law gave me this matching tote with the fitting slogan "It's the little voices that tell me to go shopping".
"Online shopping" the husband pointed out. I think I hear them whisper to me now..

necklace: present
dress: supermarket (tesco)
belt: supermarket (asda)
cardigan & skirt: modcloth
sky blue tights
saddleshoes: antonoff/bass (present)
tote: present


  1. AmberBlueBird83October 17, 2011

    such cute shoes and I think the dress does look better without the skirt underneath although I do like the idea of the a skirt peaking out from under a dress....might need to try that one out.

  2. minimaria10October 17, 2011

    I like your oxfords, it are so femenine (:


  4. It has been forever since I've commented on your blog.  I'm sorry, sometimes life gets in the way of hobbies.  Anyways, I adore the belt and the tiny flowers on your saddle shoes.  Also, here's to taking OOTD shots, realizing something is off, adjusting and re-shooting.  I love a good before and after.

  5. Brittany ShermanOctober 18, 2011

    You are brilliant!! I have several dresses that are too short for comfort. I don't knowe why I never thought of adding a skirt under them. Thank you!! x

  6. Rebecca KummerfeldOctober 29, 2011

    That belt is awesome!! And how have I missed so many of your recent posts?! Catching up now!!