Thursday, October 20

Gone to Seed

I've got quite a collection of old decks of cards. Not that I play much (or at all really) but I can't resist when I happen upon them in charity shops. I like the pictures and the patterns on the back in particular. Check out the Katja cats :) Can't resist even a deck missing a few cards and I couldn't resist this dress either: I'd only gone to the shop to get some milk but I returned home with two new dresses as well. I can't help but mention: It was reduced to GBP 2.50! Excuse the stench of smugness..
I am looking forward to reading all about Mister Wednesday this Thursday lunchtime. I watched Thor the other day which got American Gods lodged firmly at the front of my mind, so I am now rereading the novel by Neil Gaiman :)

Without that book t I might have just left it at doodling and writing with my left while manning a phone order line some summers ago. Instead I repeatedly dropped my favourite coin while learning to walk it along the phalanx of my fingers.

It's the done thing don't you know? Go now, acquire the skills of characters in a good books before the masses catch on! ;) Here's how the coin walk goes.

hat: festival stall
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
necklace: present
brooch: ark
ring: etsy dress: supermarket (tesco)
sweater: supermarket (asda)
royal blue tights
saddleshoes: rachel antonoff for bass (present)


  1. AmberBlueBird83October 20, 2011

    still swooning over those shoes.  I just finished reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman last night. He is so wicked cool.

  2. A R HawkinsOctober 20, 2011

    Cute nails!!!