Wednesday, October 12

Everything is rosy in pink

When I wore this outfit to work on a Friday not so long ago I was itching to get home and add my pink wig to the ensemble. It's sods law that I work in a very liberal office I might even get away with a head of bubblegum or cotton candy pink in, but my hair is too fried to bleach (no need to even bring my dye allergy into the equasion). While the powers that be might take a leniant approach, wearing a pink wig to work is probably taking it a liiittle far. So, here is to home time and celebrating the very same with cheerful faux hair.

Right now it's still unseasonably warm out but there is a keen edge to the North wind. Rosy cheeks and ears that means ;) Not quite as pink as my wig though

I am pleased I've squirreled away a fair few outfit shots over the past month.  By now the sky turns night blue within the hour once I get home from work. It's just as well, what with the glorious weather I have hardly found time to catch up with my blog reading at all. I am looking forward to sipping gulping tea wrapped in my soft pink robe which feels like a number of teddy bears were harmed in the making.
Co-sy winter time blog reading attire.

On a different note: Why is it not the weekend yet? Surfacing slowly from a dream yesterday morning I was trying to reason out whether it was really a weekday or if I might have set my alarm in error. What a let down that the alarm had every right to howl at me.

wig: eBay
bow: h&m
earrings: DIY (buttons)
dress: supayana
pale yellow tights
clogs: office


  1. I love this outfit, you look so cute

  2. That wig is fantastic! If you ever get the chance you must dye your hair pink :)

  3. i love the color of the wig on you. and i can't get over how amazing that dress is. 
    and your nails! you have such skill.

  4. fashionforgiantsOctober 13, 2011

    I can't believe anyone would look that good in a pink wig, but you just look amazing.  I think it's just the perfect color for you.  I love this whole outfit!

  5. Waw, I love this look, your hair (wig) and outfit look great together!

  6. god that wig is so amazing. just shave off your own hair and wear the pink wig FOREVER :D