Thursday, October 6

Epic London img dmp

I took the day off work one Friday in September and the husband and I took a trip down to London. First, let's lower the tone and start this mega post off with an adult theme before we even leave Cambridge:
I think the porn shop proprietor thought I was from the Women's League of Prudes when I took a photo of his sign. He asked if it was for the papers :) "Last adult stuff B4 station" just left me imagining crowds of commuters making a final stop before hitting the platform. And then I thought I'd show you my nails keeping the adult theme alive for one more shot ;) We spent most of the day in the Tate Modern. Surprisingly, photography is permitted so here is a view of the turbine hall: I didn't check what was on before we went so when David pointed out Taryn Simon's Bloodlines was on show I squealed and bounced quite childishly. Simon's work is conceptually and visually stunning and while I enjoy her books they don't do her work much justice. If you ever get a chance to see her stuff in person, I would squealing and bouncingly recommend you make however long a trip it takes.

I also saw a large selection of Diane Arbus' prints and a few photographs from the series "American Power" by Mitch Epstein which were also absolutely gorgeous. When we felt we couldn't take in anything more (art overload) we made our way towards Brick Lane.
We were just coming down the stairs to an underpass when the lights went out. We crossed in pitch black with our hands held out like somnambulists. Glimpsing the first rays of light at the end of the tunnel I snapped a quick one :) Brick Lane felt a little like finding ourselves in a mini Amsterdam. Lots of Vintage Shops and cafes as well as oodles of beautiful grafitti. Top that off with a really relaxed atmosphere. The husband and I were joking about what a lovely retirement spot it would make for us. ;) We had dinner in one of the numerous Bengali restaurants and indulged in a selection box of cheese fudge (such as Rasgulla, Sandesh, Kalakand and Cham-Cham) to bring home with us - Kalakand was my absolute favourite. And I thought Austrian sweets were heavy on cheese :D

jacket: tulle (modcloth)
necklace: jewelery stall and miniature teacup
brooch: present
Dirndl dress: present
baby blue tights
saddle shoes: rachel antonoff for bass


  1. i miss you and your blog!!! sorry i haven't been here in like a million years! your belt looks awesome with the shade of green your dress is. and so many great photos here!!

  2. Rebecca KummerfeldOctober 07, 2011

    Hah!! That sign is hilarious!! Love the green you're wearing. And that pigeon is too sweet!

  3. My reader is growing and growing - now it's getting cold out and the days are getting shorter I am looking forward to catching up with my reads :)

  4. You find the most interesting things, and the loveliest art!  I really like a lot of Diane Arbus' art. I hated the movie though called Fur that supposedly was about her.