Saturday, October 29


I haven't had a classic denim jacket since the nineties. You know: docs, button front dress, ripped tights and bulky, over sized trucker style jeans jacket. Arms and hands covered in scrawled notes and doodles. Ear warmer sized headphones plugged in, mix tape being chewed up by my Walkman. Remember that one girl in Breakfast Club? Dandruff snow on pencil drawing? Well, I equalled her level of socially awkward when I was a teen. Hands down.

I snagged this jacket on eBay. I'd been wanting one all year but I was being a miser setting myself a tight budget. In the end the wait paid off and I spent only three quid. I think this is going to be quite the go to for me. :)

I took these pictures during Wednesday's lunch break. I've collected quite the outfit photo stash but when it comes down to it I am always itching to show you my most recent wears.

Have an awesomely spooky weekend you all!

hat: primark
dress & coat: supermarket (tesco)
snood: DIY
blouse and kerchief: h&m
belt: from a dress
denim jacket: eBay
pale pink tights
brogues: office


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldOctober 29, 2011

    For some reason, denim jackets and leather jackets are two I have never really managed to get the hang of. Not sure why? But for 3 pounds I'd be tempted to have a go! Nice one!

  2. Lovely outfit! The scarf is very pretty. I've been hankering for a denim jacket too recently. I had a beautiful Diesel one when I was younger that I got rid of.. I was SURE I'd never want to wear it again! Little did I know!

  3. ItssimpleloveOctober 31, 2011

    You can't go wrong with a good denim jacket!

    Rachaelp.s. It's the last day to enter the giveaway on my blog! Be sure to enter when you get the chance. 

  4. Ahhh, it's so cute! I absolutely love your blouse. I also love the cute touches with the pink belt and the pink tights.