Sunday, October 23


They call it St. Martin's Summer, Old Crone's (Alt-weiber) Summer or Gypsy Christmas in different parts of Europe and I wish for it every year. I got my way this time around :) Right at the end of September when I'd already dusted off my wintercoat, woolie hats, scarfs and gloves, summer unexpectedly returned for a little encore. With temperatures in the mid 20s/low 80s it was a veritable British heat wave.

It was just glorious, so please excuse the image overload as I soak up the sun..

Make a wish!

A simple bastardization of Kaylah's strawberry nails
It's cooler now but autumn remains pretty darn glorious around here. Cold sun and cold wind. Crisp and dry :)

I started Saturday with a long shower thinking about zombies (as you do). As I opened my eyes my husband pulled open the curtain. "Destroy the brain" was all I could think. .
David couldn't work out why I was so shocked until I stopped laughing for long enough to explain: I'd been preoccupied with the logistics of survival during a zombie apocalypse after having seen the latest instalment of The Walking Dead the day before.
I know Amber is with me on this one. Braaaaaains?

Happy weekend you all! :)

hat: h&m
earrings, brooch, kerchief & bracelet: vintage/second hand
cardi: primark
dress: tulle via time enough for drums
rust tights
loafers: office


  1. Matilda JoyceOctober 23, 2011

    In the U.S., we call it Indian Summer; I have no idea why.  Love the scarf with the outfit.  Very autumnal!  

  2. Gorgeous! I love the colours and textures of your outfit. And the weather has certainly changed for the worst, in Dublin at least :(

  3. the sun and the colors and the clones and the nails are all SO GOOD here!

    dash dot dotty

  4. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityOctober 24, 2011

    I wish for Indian Summer (as we call it here) every year, too. I must say, you look absolutely darling basking out in the Autumnal sun. And that scarf of yours is gorgeous :)

  5. Crystal LeeOctober 24, 2011

    You look so cute! I'm so happy for you that you got your wish for St. Martin's Summer. Enjoy it.

  6. What amazing photos! Love that mustard color, and your nails are smashing.

        Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
     I'm having a giveaway... 

  7. fashionforgiantsOctober 25, 2011

    Love this outfit - you look wonderful and that dress fits you beautifully.  We've been having a St. Martin's Summer here in Oregon (though we call it an Indian summer) too the past week or so.  Gorgeous weather - not as warm as you (only up to the 70s) but just beautiful. 

  8. Love the colours and that brooch is fab! And I often ponder how I would survive the zombie apocalypse.... doesn't everyone?

  9. your blog is such a delight. i need to bookmark it on my computer, so even when i'm too busy to read lots of blogs i can still keep up with yours! sweet yellow dress. and everything else!!

  10. your nails, your shoes. perfection.
    i haven't watched the walking dead yet. but i should. but i'm afraid i'll have nightmares. 
    i think we call it an indian summer here.

  11. Nothing like a good Indian summer I say!  I particularly like seeing your tattoo peeking over the back of the dress like that...