Thursday, October 6

Across the Pond

Here are some photos from another daytrip to London one sunny Saturday in September
I bet you didn't expect to see this pretty girl here :) Well, actually, you might have - because Bec already posted about our meet. If you already read Black Swan's Pond you'll know this Sidney based blogger has been getting a lot of travel under her belt over the past months. I got to meet Bec in Camden where we spent an afternoon together eyeing up dresses and awesome shoes, munching scones and drinking chai tea.

Despite carrying our cameras ever ready around our necks neither of us took an awful lot of photos, but at least I snapped a couple of shots of Bec. Isn't her outfit a-mazing? So smitten with her fabulous dirndl dress. I couldn't stop staring but I think that's okay as soon as this was sort of a cloth-oggling-meet after all :D
Mind you, the real reason for the photo draught were the little signs plastered over each and every shop and stall: "NO PHOTOS".

One stall holder, a short, wild eyed woman, looked about ready to declare war on the both of us. She watched us close in on her stall with those big DSLRs dangling from our necks and to her they weren't cameras at all: They were loaded guns. She did what any self respecting business woman would do when two crazies come at her with an AK47 and an Uzi 9 milimitor around their necks: She swiftly acted to protect her livelyhood by barring Bec's way and opened a large fan in front of me like a shield. Protection to ward off the invading forces of mega pixels.

So, apparently you can steal Camden marketer's souls with one click. You don't even have to take your lens cap off.

I'll have you know this last picture is totally legit though. No signage on this one. ;) I really like the dress on the top right with the street print :) If it were a little longer I would totally have caved. We did both get one dress though. More of that another day ;)

It was awesome to meet Bec and I really enjoyed spending a little time together :)
If you haven't yet you should get to know her a little too. Head right on over to Black Swan's Pond!


  1. how fun!! i love her bag. 

  2. Rebecca KummerfeldOctober 07, 2011

    When did you get so many great photos?! Hahah... I must have been scoffing scones. And yes, scary fan-lady was a pretty special moment. Maybe she is just taking the whole 18thC fan-etiquette thing to the next level? 

  3. Wow, I am behind on my blog reading, I had no idea you two had met up!  Double the awesomeness... wish I'd still been around to join in!

    As for shop people, I kind of get their point, but if she'd done that to me you better believe I would have taken lots of pictures!  And probably started a fist fight.  Hmmm, I think I have some anger-management issues!

    Rebecca looks great, and I'm sure you must have too!

  4. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityOctober 16, 2011

    I love seeing posts from blogger meet-ups! I'm glad you and Bec had such a lovely time :)