Tuesday, September 6

The neglected dress

After spending a year hidden at the back of my wardrobe I hung this dress on my hallway mirror a month ago. Every morning I'd sneer at it and decide "I am not wearing you, you don't suit me." I'd stick out my tongue at poor red Cinderella like the mean, ugly step-sister that I am and choose something else to wear. Poor unappreciated dress.

Let this be a warning: Don't take your own measurements. Well, not if you are me anyway. So as soon as you're not me you might be good to go after all ;) This dress was the result of my first custom Etsy order, with my inapt measurements leading to a bit of an empire waist and extra short-shortness (the latter remedied by adding scalloped edging).

I think after over a year of rarely wearing this one I am finally done being sore about it. I messed up but it's still a pretty darn gorgeous dress. Time to show Cinders some respect i.e. wear the darn dress. ;)

It's kind of funny: Here we have a dress, good as new and I couldn't be bothered to wear it. Reversely, I also have a few dresses mended here and there and everywhere, really starting to look tired, but could I ever bring myself to throw them out? Hell, no. "Just one more wear" I think after each wash and one more and one more after that. They don't exactly look tatty yet but when I finally let go of clothes the decision never comes a moment too soon.

I buy dresses faster than I throw them, that's for sure. No matter how many dresses I have in my closet I still find more (I don't even have to go looking - I am hyper primed for frocks). Superman might have x-ray vision but I got the dress equivalent. You get the picture. When it comes to deciding between indulging in a dress or an accessory the dress always seems more needful. I'll go looking for a belt, a hat, a scarf but I find a dress instead. For instance I broke a pair of sandals the other day and I decided this called for a replacement dress. Perfectly. Logical. Vulcan nothing against it.

It's true, I can't resist a pretty dress.
I have a set of strict rules to at least slow the constant flow of new dresses into my wardrobe. They take the form of a checklist of individually weighted pros and cons that assist me in each purchase. For instance the pro of an awesome print will overrule the con of having two near identical dresses already. Pockets, intricate collars, piping and button details weigh in heavy on the pro side while it is near impossible to outweigh the con of spaghetti straps (I always fuss with spaghetti straps). There are also items pertaining to fabric and care guidelines (dry cleaning being a big oh no, no, no). To my dismay an awkward fit or super short skirt are guaranteed deal breakers. Time and time again my weird measurements have saved me from dress induced bankruptcy.

What's your sartorial kryptonite?

jacket: tulle via modcloth
dress & brooch: Etsy
bag: Glasto newspaper freebie
shoes: bargain bin in some highstreet store


  1. I love that brooch! I also really like the combination of red and burnt orange.
    -Andi x

  2. HOW could you neglect that dress? The cut is just lovely and all that piping detail around the bodice and collar is so pretty. Mind you, I do know what you mean about a heaving wardrobe. I always find myself picking out dresses in charity shops, even though what I could actually do with more of is skirts. Its always fabric/texture and then print for me when weighing up . Love your dolls house post below. 

  3. I am exactly like this with shoes... so many shoes... I actually think this dress looks quite lovely on you!

  4. I love the hem of your dress.

  5. haha I have the same problem! very cute dress, and it actually looks adorable on you anyway!

  6. Maria CaballeroSeptember 06, 2011

    Several of us have the similar problem.  Sometimes I usually store away some   dresses at my  parent's house. I usually forget about them and I will re-discover them after few months. 

    If you still have a second thoughts over a cute dress, consider doing a swap/ exchange with some friends. I enjoy seeing some one is enjoying the garment. :)

  7. Sadly, I have many sartorial kryptonites (I wish that I only had one, then I wouldn't have to worry about the plural of kryptonite).  But if I had to limit myself to two (one is too hard), I would have to say sweaters and shoes.  Super dress!  Oddly, I have a red dress from Etsy that is much shorter than expected that I am working up to wearing.

  8. AmberBlueBird83September 06, 2011

    I cant turn down a pretty dress or a cute hat.  I will be looking into a twelve step program for this problem...right after I go shopping. 

  9. Your style is always so pretty! I completely agree... I go to buy accessories, and come back with another polka dot dress! :)

  10. it DOES suit you. very well!! You must have a lot of dresses in your closet!

  11. What! I'm glad you decided to wear it anyway because you look amazing in it! I don't find it short at all either, but then again I'm not a person who finds any skirt too short :'D The scalloped edge is a nice add-on regardless though. 
    I also really loathe spaghetti straps UGH but I own some dresses with them regardless, haha. When it comes to clothing, I'm guessing I have no equivalent of kryptonite.

  12. Love this dress it is UBER cute. The little lace lining along the bottom is the perfect cure for an 'almost to short' dress.
    I am always finding awesome boots. Not shoes in general there always seem to be amazing boots in my size at amazing prices in every thrift store I go into.

  13. I love all the piping on this neglected dress.

  14. Emily_RubySlippersSeptember 08, 2011

    Hmm, I have lots of rules and deal breakers, but I manage to ignore all of them for a good novelty print!  I love this dress and think it suits you perfectly!  A major pro in my mind is sleeeeeves, and this dress has them.  Plus, it's red.  Automatic must-have!

  15. it's truly a beautiful dress and doesn't appear to be ill-fitting at all. i'm a sucker for anything with an interesting print or dramatic details (texture, draping, pleats).

  16. ashley/ milk teethsSeptember 09, 2011

    well im glad youre dusting off this beauty now! the scallop hemming really does fix the length and you're totally right about an intricate collar making a dress :)

  17. First off - this dress is freakin awesome! I actually really like the proportions!

    And ag! I am so the same... Go out for the milk, come home with a dress. I wonder how I own any other clothing sometimes when my eyes only seem to see dresses.