Monday, September 12

The hardest button

A looong time ago, when Diversions was in it's infancy, I did a button earring DIY but as soon as there were no images to accompany my instructions I thought it was time for a do over :)

I love wearing button earrings - they are cheap, quick and easy to make and my favourite aspect: Replaceable. I love not being precious about my earrings. With "proper" earrings losing one always feels like an occasion for mourning, no such trouble with this brand of cheerful DIY adornments. And as soon as there is no need to stint you can have a pair in every conceivable colour to match your outfits.

You'll need a pair of strong scissors (if you have a pair, pliers will make the job easier yet), superglue, sandpaper, sellotape (or better yet gaffa tape),  flat pad earposts and earnuts.. and some buttons of course :)

First clip off any protruding bits at the back of the button. You know, that thingy you pull the thread through. The eye of the button? Ten points to anyone who can enlighten me on what it's really called :)

Watch out so the little bit of plastic doesn't hit you when you clip it :)

First time I did this I sanded my fingernails down to the quick by accident, so this time I taped the sandpaper to a heavy board to hold it in place. Wear a work glove to hold the button and sand the back until it is flat. Flat-ish will do ;)

Now put a dollop of superglue in the middle of the button back and place the ear post on it. Leave to dry and Bob's your uncle.

Any questions, just give me a shout :)

Have you got a collection of button earrings too? Share some pictures! I'd love to see :)


  1. That is such a good idea!! You, my friend, are a genius! :)

  2. i have so many random buttons...i should really try this! thanks for the diy... :)

  3. I'm going to try this though my button collection is not as interesting as yours.