Tuesday, September 27

Moisturize me!

These photos were taken only a couple of days after I got my tattoo so although it was still healing and this dress doesn't show it in it's entirety I still couldn't resist a little back view :)

The design is Nora Aoyagi's Fancy Wolf screen print and was tattooed by Vic of Tattooing by Fabio.

Here are some answer the questions I've been getting about my first tattoo in the real world:
It took about one and a half hours and having it done wasn't what I'd call comfortable but it wasn't exactly painful either. I'd give it between two and three out of ten with areas right on the bone smarting a little more than the rest. That said I know pain is a very subjective experience and frankly I am both on the numb and downplaying side. But whether you'd rate it quite as low as me or might think the uncomfortable factor of having a tattoo done a little higher - the scratch of it is definitely manageable and (IMO) well worth it.
Afterwards it felt like a mild sun burn, but considering all redness had subsided after only two hours I am assuming I hit the jackpot on that one.
To prevent what is essentially a great big graze from scabbing I've been moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing. And yes, if you watch Doctor Who: I invoked that image on purpose ;)

Yes, I'd do it again in a heartbeat and would certainly consider adding further permanent adornments.

I feel like a General wearing all these buttons like military regalia. More like Brownie badges you say? Dare you burst my high ranking bubble!
The weatherman has promised an Indian Summer with temperatures up to 28C/82F over the next few days (followed by a sharp cool down at the start of October, but let's not think about that part).
Yay for an unexpected encore to peep toe weather!

Austrian hat
cardigan: modcloth
dress: H&M
buttons: berkley illustration on etsy
ring: mrd74 on etsy
pale yellow tighs: eBay
saddle shoes: antonoff/bass


  1. The tattoo looks great! Eeee. Exciting. :D I love the little buttons, too.
    -Andi x

  2. gorgeous tattoo, really gorgeous and very unique! I keep thinking about getting one too but I never have that click in my head that says "GO FOR IT NOW".

  3. Your new tat looks great!

  4. your tattoo turned out great! i love wolves :)
    also, check out my alexa chung giveaway!

  5. This dress looks great on you. The tattoo is also very cool.
    I had the same type of experience with my back tattoo, it wasn't so much pain just uncomfortable pressure. Until she got to the very middle, she must have hit a nerve or something a couple times, because it was like a sudden bee sting.

  6. AmberBlueBird83September 27, 2011

    your tat came out great.  Moisturizing is important or it will get all scabby and gross....not a good look.

  7. Oh it looks freakin' awesome! At what point do you stop fretting about this being the 'right' tattoo to get, and that it's in the right place, etc.? The pain sounds tolerable, I'm just uptight about making the right choice. And I recognize those badges... Berkley illustrations! I got the meerkat print for my partner's birthday in August! He's getting his private pilots license you see ;) I absolutely love the three you have there, great personalities, eccentric fox and philanthropic wolf are wonderful. But my favorite guy has to be the frog whose a mathematics teacher hehehe. 

  8. fashionforgiantsSeptember 28, 2011

    Your tattoo is amazing.  I can't believe how fabulous it came out. 

    And I'm pretty sure buttons with animal heads are exactly what the military decorates high ranking Generals with.  Don't let anyone tell you different.

  9. how exciting! it looks lovely! and yes. moisturizing is the best thing for it. 

  10. AH EEEK. Congratulations! Your tattoo looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

    And you look darling, as always. I'm reallyyyy digging those pins. Positively ADORABLE.


  11. Thanks :) It was odd but when I decided on this tattoo and placing I just suddenly felt sure of myself. It just felt right.
    Berkley Illustrations is great - the shark is my favourite. I've got him pinned to my work station :D

  12. areasontobefabulousSeptember 29, 2011

    yikes I've been off the radar for a while.  You got a tattoo! Of a wolf! I love animal tats (I've got an owl, you know) and your experience is pretty spot on with mine.  And your wolf is so pretty, I love the pattern on the body.  Also, as always, gorgeous photos and cute accessories.

  13. Woah, I love it Stef!  I think I reblogged that image when you put it on tumblr.  It's so striking and original and pretty much perfect for a tattoo.  Keep up that moisturizing!  Also, I love the building behind you... is it an old factory or something?

  14. Thanks :)

    It's an old *snigger* sewage pumping station but now it's the Cambridge Museum of Technology :)

  15. sparrowandurchinSeptember 29, 2011

    Love the tattoo! Oh man when I got mine, it stung, but I kinda liked it, haha just was thinking "wheres my next tattoo going to be?" And of course I love anything foxish/wolfish (and your ring!!) I mean I think I bought my dog from the obsession. And why do you always have such perfect nails...

    Oh great Dr. Who reference... oh the last human!!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  16. Wow!!  That is one beautiful tattoo!!  I would totally agree with how you described it...my experience was very similar.  As for your dress...love it!!  The color is gorgeous and you always so inspire me to really think outside the box on details.  Your pins and ring, and hat are the icing on the already lovely cake!  Still peep toe weather here as well...not sure what happened to fall.

  17. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityOctober 04, 2011

    Your tattoo looks great, Stef! As does this outfit. Your little extras (hat, pins & ring) are perfect yet again :)