Sunday, September 18

Just like that

And just like that summer turns into autumn. Gale force winds, warm yet, but rough.
Rustling, knocking and howling. Fierce, moody rain. Pitch black, hard and brief. Immediately replaced by immaculate, sun drenched skies and that fresh, bitter scent. The sodden soil warm still, drying quickly. Winter skin. Thin and rough, breaking, cut by the lightest of touches. Chestnuts in their spikey pods. Maple seeds like little rotors you can set flying as you rub them between your fingers. Leafs rustle underfoot but there is green in the trees yet. The skies a saturated stormy blue and the light, the light! It is heartbreakingly beautiful, golden and dazzling. So stunning it stings.* And a wolf :) Tomorrow :D

necklace: miniature tea cup
dress: etsy
olive green tights
shoes: office

*but I was too chicken to share those skies and that fabulous light for fear of what the gale force winds might have in store for my camera - Instead I opted for the relative safety of a weighted down tripod, short and stout, set up in a sheltered corner. 


  1. I love those tights with the pink in your lovely! And the text of this post is so paints a picturesque image in my mind.

    Ooo...a wolf tattoo?! :D  Can't wait to see it!

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  2. love your green tights!

    join my giveaway!

  3. This dress reminds me a lot of those tea dresses that women would wear at home in a farmy area. It is really pretty!!

  4. GlamKitten88September 19, 2011

    The nails.  Oh, geeeez, the nails.  I'm in love.  Can I puh-lease replicate this look soon? @GlamKitten88 

  5. Ashley/ MILK TEETHSSeptember 20, 2011

    oh my goodness, your nails?!? They are amazing and so perfectly you :)

  6. I followed Kaylah's simple triangles tutorial. For the nails in the top image I just did a second set of triangles in the opposit direction :) Can't wait to see your take on it!

  7. oranges_and_applesSeptember 20, 2011

    such a beautiful post! I am fresh back from Italy and let me tell you, the 12 degrees it is here feel like ice!

  8. Your wee teacup necklace is so cute. If I were a girl I'd be all over that!

  9. Emily, Resplendent TranquilitySeptember 24, 2011

    You've summed up those perfect Autumn days so well. Those little Maple seeds are fun, aren't they?

    This dress looks so lovely worn with olive green tights.