Thursday, September 15

Hour of the Wolf

You might have noticed my tumblr expoloding with images of big bad fairytale wolfs not so long ago. I was looking for tattoo inspiration. I knew I wanted a wolf silhouette and when I stumbled upon Nora Aoyagi's Fancy Wolf print I knew my search was at an end. I sent her an email to ask her permission and waited with baited breath. I was so pleased when I received her reply :) Yay! I am getting a tattoo! :)

I'd like the real thing a tad lower, probably right between my shoulder blades.

I know tattoo parlours will use transfers to help you decide on size and placement but I got a few sheets myself to ensure I already had a good idea where I am going with this by the time I made the appointment. I figured I'd be awfully flustered standing infront of the counter with my print outs, so to make up for my  inarticulate, mumbling, non-specific (well, like I say: Flustered) self, I needed to feel as prepared as possible. You know, so I'd only come over a little silly rather than a complete headcase.
I haven't any yet but I had my hand quietly squeezed to a pulp by a brave friend while she was having a tattoo done on her ankle. I was reading her Alice in Wonderland as her colourful butterfly took shape. Judging by how densely squeezed my hand was by the end of it I am pretty sure I am in for some serious ouch. But that'll pass and my fancy wolf is going to run across my back for the rest of my life. How cool is this going to be when I am an oldster?! Granny with the big bad wolf on her back *snigger* I plan to remain childish, although once you're retired I believe the word is "eccentric".

earrings: boots

scarf: supermarket (asda)

dress: knitted dove (modcloth)

jacket: tulle (modcloth)

cardi: modcloth

magenta tights

h&m hasbeens


  1. that'd be a great tattoo! I didn't realize you could buy the transfer stuff yourself, I want! great nails and ring

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see the real thing.  It's going to be fabulous!

  3. This dress looks great on you. I love the tattoo idea. I have one on my ankle and one on my back, I think the back tattoo was easier to get (even though it was larger) because it is very hard to keep your legs still when someone is poking your with a needle. You'll be fine.

  4. i love that dress. i love your tattoo idea. and don't worry! it isn't terrible! just eat before hand, and bring candy, and take lots of deep breaths. 

  5. I love the design! It's going to look great.
    -Andi x

  6. all those fake tattoos you would wear don't matter now huh? hehehe. It looks gorgeous on you!!!!! I love it!

  7. that is beautiful! and don't worry, it's not so bad. i have my back and it only started to hurt really badly four hours in. your's shouldn't take nearly that long!

  8. I like your tatoo :)

  9. Cool tattoo idea. I, too, plan to be an eccentric old broad.  Girl, your nail work is insanely good!

  10. wow! this blog post was really excellent! I always like to visit your blog :)
    thanks a lot for sharing..

  11. Don't worry hey, I'm not gonna lie and say they don't hurt, but it's nowhere near as bad as you expect

  12. Emily, Resplendent TranquilitySeptember 24, 2011

    Ack, I don't read your blog for a few days and this is what I miss! Your tattoo is going to look amazing. I really liked the recent wolf explosion on your tumblr. And, I'm happy that the artist gave you permission to tattoo her work.

    Beautiful color palette here. Or, color explosion :)