Wednesday, September 21

Chew resistant Art

Now that this household is all Kindled up our bookshelfs are almost exclusively about photographic monographs, graphic novels and picture books. We've been going through those shelfs over the past weeks, putting aside boxes and boxes of novels to give away. In the process I found a bunch of pretties collecting dust in the back row (yep, pre Kindle we've had to resort to double stacking).

I thought I'd show you some pages from the board book "Art" by Karen Salmansohn & Brian Stauffer. I am way out of the intended age group but this little book is fun for all ages. At least I refrained from chewing the corner like I used to way back when all my books were made of board. Oh, little golden books, I taste you no more ;)

There is also a board book entitled "Fashion" in the same series which I noticed on amazon today. I'd like to get my hands on that one  :)  Anyone "read" it?

wig: eBay
knitted band: Mom
dress & brooch: etsy
scarf: ark (second hand)
olive tights
h&m hasbeens


  1. I looooooove the outfit, and your hair, it matches perfectly!

  2. I love this wig the most. It looks so sweet on you.
    This dress is the cutest too., love it with that scarf.

  3. You are always so much fun and have the most fun compared to any other bloggers.

  4. AmberBlueBird83September 21, 2011

    your pink wig is so flippin rad.  I need to get my hands one pronto.

  5. Your nails are so, so pretty and your wig is fabulous too!

  6. jorjia freemanSeptember 22, 2011

    o geez. you're too cute.

  7. Oh amazing! No I haven't read the fashion book... But please share pics if you get it! I so love picture books! Your wig gets me everytime! It totally transforms a look. What brand is it?


  9. Emily, Resplendent TranquilitySeptember 24, 2011

    "Chew resistant art."  "golden books, I taste you no more." Haha!

    Loooove your scarf.

  10. I LOVE the pink hair!!! You should keep it :)

  11. Proctor CruzdesignsSeptember 25, 2011

    aaaw we love your nails! They are so funky!
    P&C x

  12. Seriously, that wig is perfect on you! I vote do that to your hair!

  13. Eek..Golden I miss those!!  You are truly a doll.  I would really have a field day if I raided your closet.  You have some of the best dresses and accessories I swear! I am going on a hunt for that book...must have:)