Thursday, August 11

This. Is. SPARTA!

Check out my glass swan earrings :) I think I got them when I was little :)

It's business as usual in Cambridge while other parts of the country are busy looting and torching high street shops. I am not sure what I think about all that. The police has been pretty gung-ho over the past years but looting Miss Selfridge seems to me a poor way to express your dissent. It's a volatile situation. Doh! Obviously. Aren't I being insightful today ;)

In one respect it is funny though: Watching last year's footage of politicians pontificating about the Greek riots. "Oh no" they all said from behind their campaign smirks "we won't be seeing any of that here."

"Not around here", that sentiment reminds me of when Superdad Mister Fritzl's gruesome family history came to light and everybody looked at me like I was his drinking buddy. And then some other horror story rolls across the news, elsewhere, and a whole nation breathes a sigh of relief as the world points their finger in a new direction. Glad to be off the hook and ready to be outraged at things that would never happen here. I guess it is human nature to think our home is different to every other nation, locally exempt from senseless violence and suffering. If you ask me there are people without a conscience aplenty wherever you go. Studies suggest psychopaths make up a whopping 1% of the general population.. but I digress - let's back up a bit.

Right, returning to riotous looting: I think when people feel they have nothing to lose anything can happen. Anywhere. Everywhere. Every society has it's sore spots. Shit happens. Opportunistic consumerist mayhem happens too. Apparently. Suddenly I am very glad to live in a pretty darn middle class university town.. you see, that sort of thing just wouldn't go down around here ;)

Wanna buy some cheap iPhones? Totally legit.
Facetious? Who, me?

earrings: present
scarf & bangle: primark
bracelet: present
dress: supermarket (Asda)
skirt & cardi: modcloth
pale yellow tights
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  1. Emily_RubySlippersAugust 11, 2011

    Haha, yours is definitely the best blogger response I've heard so far... I've kind of wanted to punch the smug, middle class, white British people of my acquaintance.  Yeah, my two cents: along the lines of The Guardian: create a culture of rampant consumerism + cut social programs/close youth clubs + poverty +worsening economic crisis + let everybody see the financiers looting the nation = reap what you sow.

    Had I been in London I would have skipped Miss Selfridge in favour of the Orla Kiely shop however. ; )

  2. haha I always love your writing!

  3. LOL Darn, we could have teamed up on that one :D

  4. Very well-written response. I particularly liked how this was put: "I think when people feel they have nothing to lose anything can happen." Yep, that sums it up.

  5. AmberBlueBird83August 11, 2011

    I am not sure what to  make of the London riots.  People initially claimed they were for a murdered man but that seems to not be the case anymore.  Such a shame when people feel like they have nothing to lose.

  6. Glad to hear that you are Ok despite the riots. I hope that they conclude peacefully soon! And you look lovely! Florals and cream accessories. Yes please! 

  7. sparrowandurchinAugust 13, 2011

    I'm glad the riots didn't spread to your section. But yes riots can always happen. Living in Detroit all I ever heard about were the '67 riots, and yes they were bad but sometimes you just have to move on! I mean politicians still reference them. Of course yes Detroit hasn't gotten built up since then and I think people constantly bringing them up has held the city back from being rebuilt... now I digress. Riots can happen anywhere all you need is a spark.

    And your outfit makes me want the weather to cool down here. Youre just so cute!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  8. haha. My husband is always being facetious but I'm usually always so serious (but kooky) that sometimes I have no idea that he is being so. I don't know much about why the looting and such occurred, but it is awful that people would behave so poorly.

    oh, and you look amazing. I adore this dress on you.