Tuesday, August 9

Rand McNally: Chance is a Beaut

It was a couple of years back, or was it three? Time flies. Sometimes my past seems to expand and contract leaving me uncertain when things took place. Or in what order. My memory is unreliable when it comes to sequencing. Anyway, I had just started a desk job and felt like a character in a Palahniuk novel about to unravel, the husband was between jobs. We were living in the same shoebox home we do now but at the time the tiny space felt crowded, the narrow walls closing in on us. We were dreaming of travel but had no funds, we were fantasizing of a spacious house to spread out in but had no wish to settle.
One night we got talking, resulting in the husband's return to uni and our first application for the Diversity Visa Lottery. Inviting an element of the random into our life, a 1% chance of complete and utter change, it felt like a breath of fresh air and just like that we could breathe freely again.

Ever since a map of the U.S. has been tacked to our bedroom wall and occasionally we'll look at all the different places, marvel over dry counties and crazy weather. Magic.

Collected cuttings. The Nevermind baby ready for a dip in the Atlantic :)

Just recently I came across Art on Globes through Oh Renee and was instantly smitten with and inspired by Wendy Gold's decoupage pieces. I was tempted to modify the illuminated globe on my bedside table but worried covering it in layers of paste and paper might heat it up too much when in use. Eventually my eyes wandered over to the huge Rand McNally above our bed. Not a 3D piece, but the next best thing for a mess about. I felt a little disheartened when I worked out there was no single space in the house large enough for me to lay the map flat to work on but then I realized if I work slowly, adding a piece or two at a time, I could just build it up right there on the wall. So now I am gluing a sweets wrapper here and a magazine cutting there and slowly the vast geography is submitting to my whim.

We're sourcing some documents at the minute. Preparing, waiting for an invite to an interview that might never come. David is cool as a cucumber but I am antsy, excited, apprehensive. I am loving and hating the uncertainty of it, all at the same time.

I am giving away belongings I've not used but hoarded, letting them encroach on our limited space because they "might be useful some day". I am hanging pictures that have been waiting to be framed for years and displaying trinkets I was keeping locked away in the dark to decorate some mysterious future home. I am developing old rolls of film, using arts and crafts materials that have been accumulating unnoticed, have been lurking unused at the back of closets while I was busy watching TV. (Some of the resulting pieces are now in my etsy shop).
And just like that: The things I own do not own me. Hallelujah!

Mixed-media canvas art now in my etsy shop

Once again I am creative. I don't know about you guys but when it comes to creativity it's a constant ebb and flow for me. Ebb and flow and ebb again. I've always been prone to bouts of dissociation. I won't go into detail but let's just say I get tangled, I get lost in my own thoughts. I have a tendency to dissect the world around me and myself, in the process reducing myself to an observer rather than really participating. There is just no way not to be cryptic about these peculiar perceptions. If you've been there you'll know just what I mean. If you haven't I am afraid there are no words to convey the experience. It's no biggy but there it is.
Right now I feel solid, fully present in the right here and right now, not least because once again the future is uncertain. The possibilities are endless :)

I highly recommend it. Uncertainty that is. An element of the random. Magic. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Chance is a beauty.

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