Monday, August 1

Perceptual disturbances

This dress used to spontaneously pop open like I was Superman changing into his cape. As soon as the buttons are only ornamental I sewed them shut so wearing this no longer leaves me awkwardly staring down my own chest checking and rechecking I am still decent. What's with pairing tinsy-winsy buttons with HUMONGOUS button holes? This isn't the only dress I've secured recently and it is not like I am even that well endowed in the boobage area. How do you curvacious girls manage?! Honestly, you'd think it was a conspiracy to turn women into flashers the minute they move their arms a little.

The day I took these shots (last Monday) my eyes had been playing silly buggers with me all afternoon. I felt a little dizzy the way the room was vibrating with glare but then I rememberd I had my sunglasses on me and spent the rest of the day feeling real cool wearing my shades in the office. If you ever get funky vision treat yourself to a rose tinted world. It makes staying upright a darn sight easier even if the world is zooming in and out on you.

The craziest visual disturbance I ever experienced was perceiving everybody around me as having tiny, tiny heads. People's bodies were regular size but their heads were shrinky dinky.

The scariest one happened back at uni: I emerged from the complete darkness of the colour darkroom and like a flash! going off at close range a bleached white, jagged cigarette burn covered the center of my vision. It made no difference if my eyes were open or closed, the whiteout remained. I could make out the outlines of objects in my periphery but for about an hour I was as good as blind.

I am lucky, while I occasionally experience what I am told is probably an aura, the other shoe never drops - just call me no-migraine Stef. Or cool-shade Stef. You could call me that too..

Have a great start to the month! Here comes August :)

glare shield: claire's
cape: uttam/stall
dress: echoo
baby blue tights
clogs: h&m hasbeens


  1. Oh that is lucky! The only times I have had weird things happen to my vision I have had a migrane or fainted. So funny vision always means - sit down and brace yourself! Luckly I have only had that happen a few times. How are you going with your teeth?

  2. Emily_RubySlippersAugust 01, 2011

    Yikes, that reminds me of the José Saramago novel Blindness, where basically everyone goes blind, but it's white rather than darkness.
    Like you, I'm not so well endowed but dresses and blouses either open, or gape unattractively.  Really don't know what's up with fashion designers these days!
    One thing I've been meaning to say: I really like your style because you manage to look fun and dress like an adult at the same time.  I am grumpily coming to terms with the fact that I am an adult and should maybe dress like one, but really don't want to lose the playful edge...

  3. Not bad, thanks :) Still a little sore but healing really well

  4. You are the best Superman ever! haha. I love the frills on the dress. 

    that's interesting about the tricks on your eyes. weird.

  5. wowa, those are scary visual disturbances, the one about the heads being small in particular. loving the colors in mondays outfit, that dress is prettty

  6. I'm a horribly endowed girl...ugh, it really is a pain at times.  I had so many problems with button down shirts in school when I was younger that my friends referred to a shirt popping open as "Marisa disease".  Gee, thanks I thought.  Anyways, I typically avoid anything button down b/c of this.  Enough about look quite gorgeous.  I am always in awe of your knack of creating the most lovely color palettes.  As for those tights, seeing them makes me want to break mine out again..even in the midst of this 100 degree weather.  Those visual disturbances sounds frightening.  

  7. Whoa, scary episodes!  The dress is really lovely.  I wonder if a well place hook and eye might solve the popping button problem.

  8. Great idea! Thanks, I'll give that a go :)

  9. the colors in this outfit are amazing, like sophisticated cotton candy! :-D and yesss I know about popping buttons, I usually just make the holes a bit smaller with a needle and thread :)

  10. Ashley/ MILK TEETHSAugust 03, 2011

    such a pretty color palette, I think you were made to wear dusky lavender and mauve :)