Wednesday, August 3


I am slowly improving my nail painting skills. I only started wearing varnish recently but I am confident at applying plain polish now. My stripes are still smudgy and as far as polka dot nails are concerned I am as yet on a par with a five year old armed with crayons but a little more practice will fix all that :)

I have such mixed feelings about this skirt. I adore the colour and the pleats but I detest the material (polyester, and a nasty blend at that). The real point of contention though is what the cut does to my waist and hips (see far right me above). It reminds me of those gyrating hula girl dolls you can get for your dash: Ball joint hips ready to roll. Awkward.

You'll have to forgive my using the same backdrop two posts in a row. My jaw was still pretty achy on Saturday so I wanted fast, surefire images and no messing about. I am not big on the smiling yet but as you can see I really did get away easy with my wisdom teeth - my face looks a little squarer to me but I am pretty sure I am the only one to even notice the swelling.

I am with Cohen the Barbarian: Good dentistry sure is one of the best things in life :D

t-shirt: Glasto merchandise
bomber jacket: zara via time enough for drums
double belt: present (Mom's from the 80s)
skirt: uo
bracelets: present & vintage fair
orchid pink tights
h&m hasbeens


  1. You styled this outfit very well, I love the skirt! :)

  2. you look SO COOL. i love this outfit. and you hair!!!! 

  3. I love the colour palette.  And your belt is one of my favourites.  Kudos on mastering nail varnish application.  I am completely hopeless at it.  Of course, it is no wonder, as I wear it about twice a year.  And when I do wear it, I pick one of the hardest shades to apply: red.

  4. great colours! I have similar struggles with certain pieces - when it is so almost perfect, but one element just lets the whole team down. Personally I think it looks great! But if you go out in it feeling ho-hum... that speaks for itself!

  5. i absoluetly LOVE the style of your photos! xoxo, saskia

  6. AmberBlueBird83August 03, 2011

    such a shame about that skirt, the color really is pretty and the length looks great on you.  Why cant polyester just be banned from all clothing making?

  7. The double belts are really nice. oh no. poor skirt, but lovely skirt too!

  8. I see no swelling at all.  Admiring the tee shirt.

  9. Ahhh I hate when you find an amazing color/cut/style of skirt only to touch it and find it made of nasty polyester.  I buy it, I put up with it, but I do not like it.  From looks alone though, I love your skirt.  I love this whole outfit, really.  I adore the Glasto t-shirt- such a great design!  And your nails look great!