Thursday, August 25

I know you have a cold so I put..

Triangles mark 2 and a pencil case I used to carry in my toy satchel back in the early 80s when I was looking forward to becoming a "school child". I still have a soft spot for this cute pencil case with it's nonsensical message (put.. what? Carrots?) bright, cheerful colours and not to forget those googly eyes :)

Well, I really needed a bit of brightness last Thursday. The sun had been AWOL for a few days and people were starting to comment on the autumnal weather. You really know it's bland out when you're by far the brightest subject in shot :D

I've not been feeling particularly wordy this week but I've been doing some listening. Ears plugged tight, drifting far away from some repetetive work which I am glad I've now nearly finished (Thank goodness for muscle memory - I'd go spare if I couldn't just trance out over certain tasks :D).
For the past hour I've had this on repeat. So hooked. Darn, that girl got a voice! Me, I can't hold a tune to save my life but thankfully no such trouble with my ears :) Bless the poor souls near me when I can't help but croak along. Florence and the Machine are giving me goosebumps again!

I think tonight I'll settle for a nice cuppa, read a few chapters of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and then do my nails while watching Torchwood.

earring: present
bangle: primark
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
dress: all-mighty
scarf: present (pass me down)
skirt: etsy
shoes: office


  1. Woah, loves the nails, love the pencil case, & love the autumn colors of your outfit!!! That jacket is the sweetest! Definitely for fall to be here. Humidity & heat are still lurking heavy around my area.

  2. The colors/ pattern on your nails looks really cool! And I love all of those oranges/yellows :)

  3. AH GORGEOUS! This outfit makes me want Autumn - it's the PERFECT look for fall! The burnt orange and yellow are just SO DELICIOUS!!! alsdkjklajsd you look smashing.

    I love the nails! In reference to the post below, I can't believe you got a sixty pack of nailpolish! Crazyyyyy!

  4. How beautiful these shots are!

  5. SACRAMENTO AmateAugust 29, 2011

    Loving your clash of colour, and adore your nails.

  6. how lovely your nails always look!!!! This is so nice. I love your buttons!

  7. I just realized I commented twice on this entry, because I loved your buttons and nails that much.