Sunday, August 7

Fish custard

Have I mentioned before that I am an only child? The spoilt variety. Glad my tooth extraction went well my parents went for a celebratory meal and gave me a Kindle for an early birthday present :)

I go mainly for transgressive/mind-f*** fiction and sci-fi but I felt in the mood for soppy so as soon as it arrived I downloaded teenage love story Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and finished it in one sitting. It's a simplistic yet sweet little story and while I don't much agree with any of the thoughts on life, love and religion woven into the narrative it was a fun ride nonetheless.

I am rather taken with my light, slim new little reader. The complete lack of eye strain after some hours of reading was pure magic. I am a convertee for sure.

Up for another helping of lovey-dovey reading I finally rescued The Time traveler's Wife from collecting dust on my bookshelf. As soon as this hardback is of the gorgeous variety I thought why not use an old fashioned book as a prop while I gush about my newfangled reading device?

I knew Niffenegger's novel served as an inspiration for Who's Doctor/River storyline but I am giggling away every time I find something that was referenced directly in the show. Peanut butter and anchovy sandwiches. Ugh.

It is shaping up to be a favourite, one of those books I might well enjoy to re-read now and then but I am not finished yet - so no spoilers please! Spoilers hehehehe :)

I belatedly entered this look into the ebew challenge. I completely forgot to plan an outfit but deep down it must have been on my mind nonetheless because I've been doing a lot of pattern mixing lately :) Check out the other mixers:
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ribbon: present (pass me down)
earrings: present (pass me down)
dress: echoo
skirt: modcloth
clogs: office


  1. Lovely, idyllic photos. And I really enjoyed Time Traveller's Wife but I advise staying well away from the movie even if Eric Bana looks extra delicious in it. 

  2. andibgoodeAugust 07, 2011

    Oh wow. I love this dress!
    -Andi x

  3. oranges_and_applesAugust 07, 2011

    I still can't get my head round kindles, but then I never tried them properly. The book makes an excellent prop anyway, I like that cover better than the paperback one. I really enjoyed the time travellers wife even if the whole premise is a bit silly.

  4. Crystal LeeAugust 07, 2011

    another set of lovely photos. the first photo is perfect. I am glad that your tooth extraction went well too! you're a tough lady! I'm afraid I won't be trying out the Kindl anytime soon though; I just love the smell, feel, and experience of an old book too much.

  5. I didn't know that the novel served as inspiration for the Doctor Who River Song story, but my husband picked up on it as we watched it and HATED that because Doctor Who was always so original and amazing (he read the book, as did I, but he liked the book of The Time Traveler's Wife much more than I did). Where did you hear about the inspiration? I want to show it as a confirmation to my husband who thought about it. Anyway I love how your book is a different cover and looks so classic-styled. Very nice. I am glad you like the kindle so much. i wouldn't be able to handle that at all, because I love turning pages and knowing how many more I have in the story haha. I am a BIG book reader too, so I don't think I could handle looking at a screen compared to holding a book to turn. I'm odd like that. 

    You look amazing as always!

  6. Hi there :)
    I heard the book mentioned in an episode of Doctor Who Confidential. However it looks like I am not completely correct: Moffat states he "quite purposefully used it [The Time Traveler's Wife]. Actually, particularly in Girl in the Fireplace." You can read the full quote here

    I must say I wouldn't have thought of the Girl in the Fireplace myself. It makes sense but the River Song dynamic is so much more like the book - down to the diary..

    I always thought I would miss having a real book to read as well but apart from eye strain and heavy hardbacks our bookshelf has no spots to stack extra bits on top of and it already covers the entire living room wall. The curse of a small home: No space for extra books :D I guess it was the kindl or more efficient use of the library ;)

  7. I saw a couple of stills on tumblr and I guess it was way too soon after I read the book because I just thought "nope. they don't look like that and their place doesn't look like that either.." ;)

    Funny how protective we can be about our personal interpretations of books. I guess I'll have to watch it at some point or be forever curious how they adapted it :)