Wednesday, August 31


The husband gave me comic anthology "A Graphic Cosmogony" for my birthday and it is such a stunning book I've been itching to show you guys a little of it.

You know how I said only a couple of weeks back that I don't think I'll ever get a real tattoo? Well, I have some thoughts on one tattoo I would actually really, really like and can imagine growing old with - I know just the spot too. I'll wait a while, see if I get cold feet. Try it on a transfer maybe. Sorta exciting :)

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my rub ons in places I would be very hesitant to get a permanent tattoo: Wearing them like jewelery on my fingers, throat, the inside of my arm. I am really loving the little stars on the first phalange of my finger. Other than my wedding band I rarely wear rings, they always seem to get in my way, but this colourful embellishment I could get used to :)

I've been itching for a drop waist dress for some time so when I found this Jessica McClintock/Gunne Sax cream cake I knew my search was at an end. It's light (I am making it sound like sponge cake now) and I love the big lacy sailor collar. Mind you, the v neck is so deep it's lucky I had a vest to match.

So, it was my birthday this month. The last one in my twenties. Twenty-nine years and none the wiser :D Growing up is for kids!

I am not doing too well with my post hoarding so I've decided to institute my own brand of daylight savings for the blog: Instead of every other day I will only post every third day until spring.
Major blogging withdrawal will surely ensue but I am forcing myself to slow down a little getting ready for winter. My body insists on hybernation each year so I've resolved to make an effort and preserve my energy this time ;)

See you Saturday!

earrings & ring: present (passed down from Mom)
necklaces: DIY & jewelery stall
dress & rub on tattoos: eBay
royal blue tights: c/o welovecolors

h&m hasbeens


  1. Sometimes, I just like going through your blog for posts and posts and posts - they're so pretty! You are such an internet gem!

  2. haha, love those lick and stick tattoos! but more than that, your nails! I feel like I've seen you become a new "convert" to the "religion" of nails

  3. well happy 29th birthday!! What is it like to be 29? I'll be so in slightly over a year myself. Let me know how it is when you're done with it. haha. I love how you put all these things together. . the blues and the nails and the wall and everything. Your dress is incredible!

  4. Thanks :) Yep, I have seen the light ;)

  5. Thanks :) I'll be sure to report back when I am done with it :D

  6. Ashley/ MILK TEETHSSeptember 01, 2011

    youre the only person who can make those temp tats look so elegant and whimsical. happy birthday lady :)

  7. There are so many gorgeous things about this post. From the book, to your temporary tats and awesome nails AND powdery blue dress!!! I love the color and placement of the temporary tats, its so pretty and creative.
    About your comment about swearing at the computer...I do the SAME thing. I just shout the dirtiest words at it haha.

  8. Hello, I just found your blog through everybody everywear and have to say I love all your cool nail patterns. I have no skills with painting my nails, but I love yours
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  9. Emily, Resplendent TranquilitySeptember 13, 2011

    There is nothing wrong with comparing a dress to cake. Only perhaps the disappointment of not being able to eat it ;)

    Happy belated Birthday!